Barry – s02 ep07 – “The Audition” – REVIEW

On Sunday night (for me) I watched Bill Hader and John Mulaney on a panel on 92Y talking about Barry and Bill teased how mindblowing this episode was going to be.

And the ending left me

But let’s go back to the beginning:

Although I was annoyed by Sally A LOT in season 1, this season has made me love her so much. The insights into her personality and character gave us the opportunity to get to know her better, to understand why she acts the way she does and especially, what’s under the mask.

I love that she stood for what she believed in.

While Barry is waiting for her, he gets an audition. Just for being tall. That’s it. Just for being above average height. That’s absolutely hilarious.

Of course, Sally is not happy with this. And she’s right. I mean, he was just there, being tall and all and he got an audition.

And Gene is just as surprised as Sally:

What? Are they reading extras now?

But it was Barry’s innocent and naive: “That’s so weirdo, Sally said the same thing!”

I laughed so hard. And he doesn’t understand that “feature” and “movie” is the same thing.


And Gene’s shocked “NOOO!” when he read that one of Barry’s line is the title of the movie, a movie, by the way, with the worst plot I have ever head.

But let’s focus on my favourite mobster ever: Hank. He and his men are forced to get on a school bus by Cristobal, who is not remotely happy that Hank went behind his back to try to murder Esther.

And the accordion guy is there!!!

Sally is presented with a shitty offer for a male-written show about sexy wives who kill their abusive husbands and recute other women to help them, she declined. I mean the whole thing was offensive! The tag line was: “It’s that time of the month for revenge

She wanted to be famous, to act, to be a performer more than anything but for her, it’s important that her own story is out in the world, the real perspective of a woman and not:

Barry GIF

Speaking of, she gets this amazing two and a half minute monologue and it’s Sarah Goldberg’s moment to shine. She was fantastic. It was exaggerated, over the top, she acted like an actress would.

And she says everything that comes to her mind, no matter how rude to the other person she is. I was mesmerized by this scene


Going back to Hank, he’s about to be burnt alive in a school bus and he starts this monologue about being a nice guy,

I should be manager at hotel. Chain hotel. I mean playing the role of ruthless gangster… that is not cool. […] I’m nice. I’m polite.

I interpreted this as Hank ACTUALLY playing a role just like Barry is. While Barry is taking on different roles in every class, Hank is always playing the character of the ruthless gangster.

And in the meantime, his comrades (all trained by Barry) escape and kill the Bolivians. And for a moment, I was scared he was going to die. I was terrified. I watched this episode straight after Game of Thrones and I did not want to be disappointed again.

Oh and they shoot “the musical traitor”, the accordion player.

Sally’s agent manages to secure a real theatre for the class to perform but there’s more important stuff going on.

Barry is at his audition and Gene calls him saying he won’t be able to make it. BECAUSE HE IS WITH FUCHES, who is posing as a private detective.

And Barry freaks out. He immediately tells Fuches he would go back to Cleveland, he would start killing again as long as he left Gene alone. He just flips. He gives in to demands Fuches hasn’t even made. He abandons every hope of becoming an actor.

Fuches brings Gene into the wood and to Janice’s car, showing him her body. The music is so intense and we see Barry driving like a maniac to get to the car, just as Fuches calls the police, pretending to be Gene.

I’d like to report the body of Detective Janice Moss. My name is Gene Cousineau and I killed her and I just couldn’t live with it anymore.


And with this scene the episode ends:

Honorable Mentions

One of Sally’s agents is called “Michael Cohen” and as the political nutjob that I am I started laughing like an idiot. That was so funny.

It’s the actual Allison Jones! One of the greatest casting directors! She cast Parks and Rec, Brooklyn99, The Good Place, Veep and more. And it was actually her!

Aaaaand Alec Berg killing it at Twitter

And they keep asking Barry about his height?! An when he screws up the audition and storms out, the director is like: “He did not give a fuck.” and Allison Jones is like “It’s 6’2″”. AHAHAHAA

This episode was so intense and I was not expecting the twist at the end. I really wasn’t. I’m terrified of what’s going to happen next week.

I truly can’t wait to see it. I’m so scared.

What are your thoughts on the episode? What do you think of my analogy of Hank playing a role just like Barry?

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