Riverdale – s03 ep21 – “Chapter Fifty-Six: The Dark Secret of Harvest House” – REVIEW

To be honest, I was expecting a lot more shit to go down. Last season’s penultimate episode was AMAZING! But this was A LOT too.

From the Farm’s darkest secrets, to the Blackhood and Daddy so much happened. Thank God Mommy Dearest is gone.

Archie and Veronica

Daddy wants to pay of the town’s debts and assume its leadership. Damn, I love this show. Daddy just wants to buy all of Riverdale.

Yeah, Ronnie. Your dad sucks!


Mary Andrews’ FBI friend helps them out and the scene at La Bon Nouit was attrocious… That was so poorly written and acted it made my skin crawl. But Veronica has a plan to destroy her father.

Daddy and Archie will face each ther on the ring. WHO FUCKING CARES?

Oh, and Reggie is back. And Mary gets the award for most supportive mother in Riverdale.

AND DAMN! Look at Veronica’s backless dress!!!! I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT.

One more thing, the shwooshing sounds of Archie and Hiram’s punches made me laugh so much. felt like I was in a superhero cartoon from the 90s.

But the Feds bust in the room arresting people and looking for Hiram, who is finally doing something for all of us: he’s about to kill Archie.

Sadly, he doesn’t but seeing FP Jones putting handcuffs on him was very satisfying.

Just not as much as watching Veronica tell Daddy:

“I won.”

And in true Riverdale style, it was followed by one of the worst things ever: Mary saying “You’re endgame”.


Jughead, sweetie, we been knew Hal faked his death. Move on! but it was just an excuse to see Dr. Curdle Jr again and that makes me happy.

Jughead is on a quest to find the connection between the Gargoyle King and the Black Hood.

But first he has to parent his sister, because apparently nobody else was going to do it.

He is RUNNING to save Ricky but he gets ambushed by a couple of 13-year-olds! And guess who he finds in the sex bunker? ETHEL!

I knew she was going to come back. We hadn’t seen her in the longest time. But she can’t betray him bcause he’s beautiful and she loves him.


But after Esther placates the little kids, they are chasen down by the Black Hood!!! This was a great scene. I loved Cole and Shannon’s performance. I was on the edge of my seat for the whole sequence.


Etherl finally tells Jughead who the Gargoyle King is:



Isn’t it hilarious? If it’s true they have learnt nothing from the previous season: don’t reveal who the villain is in the course of two separate episodes.

But lots of people have been saying it’s Chic.

Honestly, I don’t care. Just make it entertaining for me.


My heroine Betty is till at the farm and being tricked by that Edgar. Apparently, Alice tells Betty she has the “serial killer” gene and…

Isn’t that the most amazing thing you’ve ever heard?

How can the actors keep it straight when they say these words out loud?

Edgar tricks Betty into revealing her fears and he makes her see another version of herself, like an EVIL version.


This all thing makes me laugh so much. It’s hilarious.

But she tells Jug everything and he just wants to get her out of that. He just wants to protect his girlfriend.

Apparently Kevin and Fangs have had operations. Edgar locates your mental pain on a part of your body and than he just… FUCKING TAKES IN OUT.

BUT GUESS WHO WAS IT THAT BETTY SAW WHILE DRUGED BY EDGAR? It was not “herself”, obviously. After putting wax in her ears, she get to see who it truly was.


Polly is fucking cancelled. She and Kevin are GONE. And when she tells Cheryl, Toni, Fangs and that fucker Kevin, they don’t believe her. Also, why are all the members of the LGBTQIA community being brainwashed?

Apparently, Evelyn gets dialysis on a regular basis and A MILLION RED FLAGS WENT UP. Especially seeing Kevin’s scar on his lower back. And she’s on anti-rejection meds. Another TRILLION RED FLAGS WENT UP.

aaand Edgar is selling people’s organs.

Betty tells Cheryl who freaks out and runs to save Toni, just as Betty goes to warn those fuckers, Fangs and Kevin, who betray her and stop her from escaping.

Cheryl sacrificing herself for Toni was heartbreaking. It truly was. Cheryl’s facade might be cold and distant but she truly has a heart of gold.

Which lead to her being knocked out and strapped to a gurney while Edgar prepares to do something to her.

My girl has to rely on her boyfriend and his dad to help her. Please, stop making Betty suffer like this. I just want her to live happily for a while with the Jones’. Just for a while.

Ok. This was intense.

I’m scared of what is going to happen in the finale. I have only 2 requests, Roberto. I’d like Choni to have an emotional reunion scene and for Bughead to have some peace and tranquillity.

What are your thoughts on the episode? Who do you think the Gargoyle King is? Is it Jason?

Let’s talk!

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