Jane The Virgin – s05 ep07 – “Chapter Eigthy-Eight” – REVIEW

This season of Jane the Virgin has been giving me trouble and I’m not sure if I like it or not.

Bringing Michael back from the dead was such a ballsy move that shocked me. I was so excited to see how the story would unfold but I did not think it through.

I can’t wrap my mind around it. I’m waiting to see what the writers have planned for the season. It’s not easy to tie up loose ends for such a complicated show, especially not after bringing back Michael.

This episode was all about Jane going to Montana with Michael to explore the life he had been living in the four years she thought he was dead.

And it’s different. No running water, no cell phone reception and a person that looks like her husband but it’s not really him. There are some things I loved about it:


Haley Lu Richardson!!! I love her so much!

I saw her in the movie Five Feep Apart (with Cole Sprouse and directed by Justin Baldoni) and I fell in love with her.

And she’s Brett Dier’s fiance! And she played Michael’s ranch neighbour who hates him!


They Tried to Make It.

Even though I am not convinced at all about the direction this season was going, I loved that they gave Jane the space to try to make it work with Michael.

They didn’t dismiss her concerns, they made her act like a normal person with feelings and emotions.

I thought letting her explore her feelings for him was really realistic, even if, story-wise it wasn’t my favourite. We’ll see how it progresses.


What happened with Rafael?

I totally understand his concerns and his problems with Michael coming back and Jane telling him she needs to explore her feeling for him.

But he acted like a dick. Especially in front of Mateo.

I wasn’t expecting him to immediately forgive her but definitely not reject her the way he did.

I even got a little bit emotional when Jane talked to Raf:

Because I’m sure. More sure than I’ve ever been about anything… that I wanna be with you. Forever. You’re my now. You’re my tomorrow. You’re my always.

That is it. I don’t really have that many opinions on the episode, strangely enough.

What are your thoughts on the episode? Would you have prefered Jane had chosen Michael over Raf?

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