An Emotional Journey: A Love Letter to “You’re The Worst”

That’s it.

It’s over.

You’re The Worst is over.

I can’t believe it. I’ve been watching this show since season 2 and I’ve loved it so much.

It has helped me so much in the dark times I’ve faced in the past years and it will FOREVER hold a special place in my heart.

It’s gonna end right

Chris Geere – BUILD Series

said Chris Geere talking about the ending of this magnificent show. I have reviewed every single episode of this final season but I haven’t really addressed the emotional component of it. I was focused a lot on the plot.

Now I feel like it’s the right time to talk about it.

This final was spectacular. It was perfect. I cried, I laughed and I was shocked. They managed to end the show in line with the character’s personalities and behaviours.

It was not a fairy tale.

“You’re The Worst” has never been about perfection, infinity and eternal love.

Which is why I didn’t think the whole getting married thing was actually going to happen, especially the way it almost did.

I keep thinking of Jimmy and Gretchen’s faces at the end of season 1, when her apartment burns down and they start living together. The sheer terror of commitment and of something stable in their eyes kept popping up for this final season.

I also loved Edgar’s evolment this season. He had been Jimmy’s sidekick and punchbag for so long that when he finally gained his respect, he needed to protect his friend. As an equal.

Hadn’t Edgar said anything, Gretchen and Jimmy might have gotten married and their relationship would have probably ended in divorce and heart-break. It was the necessary push for them to realise, deep down, that they didn’t want to get married.

People are deserving of love, however troubled or flawed you may be.

Chris Geere – BUILD series

And that’s exactly what they did. They showed us two incredibly flawed people that, somehow, can build a relationship together. It all goes back to the ending of the show. Gretchen and Jimmy flee their own wedding at the last minute, ending up at their usual diner.

I can count in one hand the number of grand romantic gestures that haven’t gone terribly wrong and that’s the reason I fell in love with the show. One has to be Jimmy’s fort while Gretchen was having an episode of depression.

And to me, the promise they made to each other while sitting in a greasy diner was perfect.

Every day, we choose. I don’t wanna be with you because I made a promise to be with you. I wanna be with you because I want to be with you. So, every day, we wake up, we look at each other and say: “Today, again, I choose you. Until maybe one day we don’t.”

And her reply was the best: “You know I love the idea of always having one foot out the door.”

We don’t declare anything except this. Gretchen, every day I will make the choice to love you. And love you I will. Wholeheartedly. That one day. Because I choose to.

Some people might think this is very cynical. Some people believe it’s romantic.

I think it’s honest and realistic.

Love isn’t forever. It evolves, it changes. It fades. It can turn into hatred and resentment. But what Jimmy and Gretchen do is out of the social norms that are expected of them.

They don’t do well with confinement and restrictions. Marriage is hard, it can feel like a trap and it would have driven them both insane. They know their flaws, they have seen the other at their worst, there are no more surprises on how awful they can be.

Throughout the show, they have repeatedly chosen each other, over and over again.

And the song in the final montage fits SO WELL into the whole vibe of the show:

I hope it stays dark forever / I hope the worst isn’t over / […] / I’m drowning / there is no sign of land / you are coming down with me / hand in unlovable hand”

You know that there’s always a possibility that some day I might leave my keys and phone at home and step in front of a train. You know that, right?


Cards on the table, they know what’s coming. There are no more secrets. They are all in, despite their respective flaws.

In the end, it was one of the most sastifying and perfect final episode I have ever seen and want to thank all the people who have worked on it, the writers, the cast, the crew and the creator, Stephen Falk.

They made a funny, realistic, absurd, cynical and crazy show that will always be one of my favourites. This season was incredible and I’m excited what’s coming next for Aya, Chris, Desmin, Kether.

I love you. I choose to love you and I’m proud of it.

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