Brooklyn99 – s06 ep15 – “Return of the King” – REVIEW


I have been waiting FOR AGES for her to be back!!! Well, since her last episode to be accurate. I love her.

Even though she is mean, self-absorbed and completely crazy, she’s Gina Linetti. I can’t help but love her.

And this episode was directed by Melissa Fumero!!!! First Stephanie, then Joe and now Melissa! What a talented cast!

Cold Open


Amy and Rosa

Soooooo, Rosa was on a nature hike and she touch poison oak… TO GET TO A PRETTY FLOWER!!! She is so tough and soft at the same time!!!

Amy wants her to admit she needs help from her to get through the day, given that her hands are wrapped up in gigantic mittens.

And after she spils some coke, she gets locked into the supply closet. But how will she be able to opoen the door?!

Best like of the entire episode!

But at the end, Amy even gets inspired by Rosa.

You taught me a lesson. There is nothing the human spirit cannot overcome. So Rosa Diaz, you are not quitting. You are gonna open that door because you are a badass and you don’t need help from anyone!



Charles and Holt

NIKOLAJ IS BACK!!! And apparAmyently he solves one of Captain Holt’s complex statistical analysis and the Captain is convinced he is a genius!!!

The Captain even calls him “a terrible father” and expects Charles to read to him things like:

H: Shakespeare, Tolstoy?

C: No, nothing that advanced.

H: Dear God, so are you reading him Dickens?

He wants to tutor Nikolaj and teach him complicated subjects… and of course lyrical latin. But that’s just for fun. I can imagine little Raymond being forced to play basketball when all he ever wanted was to study statistical analysis.

Risultati immagini per holt statistical analysis gif

Holt suggests a boarding school for Nikolaj… at the same time saying a really mean zinger to Boyle about nobody missing him if he ever left.

Turns out, Nikolaj wasn’t a genius. He was just drawing Captain Latvia’s sidekick who “destributes green equally among the working class.”

Nikolaj might not be a genius, but he might have an artistic talent.

You are an exceptionally supportive parent and I wish my father had been more like you.

Ray Holt


But then of course Charles makes it awkward…

Jake, Terry and Gina

Jake has finally talked to Gina!!! But she’s been blowing Jake off and Terry is not here for this.

He is so excited to see his old friend! He loves her so much! AAAAND Gina is dressed like Moses. Apparently she has been receiving death threats, but she sees it as a sign she made it. I love her.

And she invites them to get drinks at Shaw’s…. and doesn’t show up. And Terry is pissed. But when Jake confronts her about standing them up, she tells them she had food poisoning.

But it’s time for the event!

We been knew Jake was a Carly Rae Jepson stan and I love it.

But apparently there really was somebody who was trying to kill Gina!!! But a call from he agent reveals that she lied to Jake and Terry about having food poisoning and Jake doesn’t take it very well.

He starts talking in a werdly polite voice and GINA GETS STABBED IN HER BACK!!!

And they have an honest conversation about how much they miss each other and they promise to try to see each other more. Gina doesn’t apologize for working hard and caring about her job, no matter how ridiculous it is. Hearing Jake saying he was super proud of her was such a nice moment! They just needed to actually talk and show their true feelings.

Honorable Mentions

Charles’ counsin Pam – isn’t this the second time they’ve mentioned him? If so, I love it even more!

“non-adult” or, as everyone but captain Holt calls him, a child.


Finger Queen

The “Inspirational Baker” thing killed me.

Holt quoted Garfield and I’m surprised he even knows what that is.

Wait…. Is Boyle realted to Susan Boyle? Is she the Susan he was talking about because that’s amazing.

Chelsea and Any trolling each other on Twitter:

I loved this episode!!! The three storylines were amazing and I missed Gina so much!!! She is such a force of energy and I hope she’ll be back more often next season!

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