Jane The Virgin – s05 ep06 – “Chapter Eighty-Seven” – REVIEW

The previous episode made me mad. It feels like we’ve gone back 3 seasons and I was not here for this.

I don’t understand what the whole point of this season is and I’m just confused…

But let’s talk about the episode!

Alba has the hots for Jorge! It feels like she’s the teenager in the house! I just hope she and Jorge can figure it all out and be happy together.

Jane is still struggling with her decision to explore her feelings for Michael. It leads to an unbelieveably awkward phone conversation in which Jane thought she had muted him… but instead she had put him on speaker.

There’s some stuff happening with Sinrostro. There’s a mystery sequence of numbers that keeps bugging the police.

Rafael is in a depressve state. And Mateo saw him taking pills. GREAT!

And apparently Anna and Ellie know everything about the opioid crisis.

Jane goes to Petra for help about Rafael and the pills he’s been taking, but she’s too worried about meeting one of JR’s closest friends. And JR invites her to a club.

Xiomara and Rogelio have a conversation about the sexual part of their relationship, after she catches him masturbating. Xiomara is worried about her sex drive not coming back.


But wait! Michael remembers what might have caused Rose to give him amnesia. A weird website, the Princess Bridge and a string of numbers.

And there’s a guy following them! As they hide in the closet, Michael tells her that she was the reason he quit the Police force. Oh and the man who was following them was a cop, so no biggie.

But Rafael catches Jane looking through his bathroom cabinet and damn he is angry. Jane is so worried about him and despite asking Petra to dig into it, she keeps telling her not to worry.

Petra at a lesbian bar is weird. Partying, bars and having fun is NOT her scene and I empathize with her so much. Petra reveals Raf is taking anti-depressants.

Seeing Jane and Petra dancing on stage was HILARIOUS. Petra is so bad!!!

I loved seeing them enjoy themselves and having fun!

After a surprise visit from the immigration officers, Alba comes clean to Jorge about her feelings for him. But he doesn’t say anything back!!!


Jane goes to talk to Raf and doesn’t tell him anything. In the first episodes it was all about communication and now they can barely

And now all the three Villanueva women are crying on the swing set! They talk about how much they have changed and it’s pretty ironic, since the storyline is basically the same as two seasons ago.

Michael and the police almost get into Rose’s server. Rose says “we have to move the timeline” and I’m scared.


Michael talks some shit about holding Jane’s hand and I’m just… COME ON.


but maybe this could be the reason she realises they’re not made for each other after all.

I’m sorry but I’m still team Raf.

Honorable Mentions

Alba mentioning sex toys



“Did you use the vibrator? I’m telling you, just think about Barack Obama an turn it on” – AND I HAD IMMEDIATE FLEABAG FLASHBACKS!!!!

Petra and JR

What are your thoughts on the episode? Did you like it? What do you think is going to happen between Jane and Michael in Montana?

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