Barry – s02 ep05 – “ronny/lily” – REVIEW





This was probably one of the weirdest episodes on television I’ve seen. This, and some of Donald Glover’s Atlanta episodes. Yes, I’m talking about the Teddy Perkins one.

I can’t believe how out of this world this episode was but it was so much fun. It was so over the top!

There’s no surprise it was written and directed by Bill Hader and it’s his kind of ridiculous, weird and confusing.

I am sure there were so many references and Easter Eggs I missed. Knowing Bill Hader, I’m 100% sure of it.


The fact that it started without the classic “Barry” music made me immediately realise we were in for a treat.

Ronnie’s total apathy was unbelievably weird and it made the whole ordeal so much fucking funny. Hearing Barry threatening Ronnie (Daniel Bernhardt) behind the camera while the camera was pointed at him was a great directorial tecnique. I loved it.

Because it was a lot more funny seeing Barry get into the shot with the bright orange ski mask and dark sun glasses.

This “in the bedroom” sequence started off so calm and relaxed, only to turn into an epic fighting montage.

What I loved the most about this entire episode was how steady the camera was. There were no sudden movements, no sharp editing, very few cuts between scenes. It was so different from the typical action sequence you see in movies and tv shows.

And then the little girls comes in.



She’s like a rabid dog!!! Who manages to stab Barry and apparently she can make Avengers Style jumps!



In this episode you can see just how much of a dick Fuches is.

I can’t believe how funny this episode is, given all the weirdness around it.

Fuches is so nonchalant about Barry killing a child. It’s literally no big deal with him and in this situation, Barry is the voice of reason, telling Fuches to bring him to the hospital.

Go get her, Barry!

Fuches talkng about Barry murdering a child

Moreover, the tree the little girl climbs is CGI! Like… WHAT?! And then she stays on the roof all night, like a lion waiting to attack like a freaking gargoyle!

In an ideal world, we would just burn down the house.



He just doesn’t care about anyone and anything, let alone Barry. He just doesn’t give a shit how much all of this is destroying him.



Somehow Ronnie ends up at the same store as Barry, who is buying something to un-glue Fuches from the steering wheel.

He even gets shot by Detective Loach and he keeps fighting!!!

Until he gets shot one too many times and he dies, along with Loach, the only person who knew the truth about Barry. (At least that’s what I think).

Barry manages to escape the supermarket and he meets Fuches at the back and it all connects to the… can we call them “allucinations/memories” Barry has been having.

Coming Back

The scene with the blinker, in the desert and Barry coming back from the war gave us an insight in Barry’s subconscious.

At the end, when Barry is about to get into Fuches car, it all connects. He see Fuches doing the same expression and nod, but in that moment, Barry doesn’t smile.

It’s almost like he has a realization, he finally sees the real Fuches, the one who has been manipulating and hurting him ever since he came back from the war.

But we don’t get to see the decision Barry makes. That’s where the episode ends and…. let’s roll the credits!

This was intense. To quote Bill:

“Yeah, it’s a weird one.”

I loved it. It was just the kind of weird and totally amazing stuff I love. I love shows like these, when they takes risks and it fucking works. This is incredibly well-written, amazingly directed and the actors… I mean, they’re amazing.

I loved this episode. I loved it. I am sure it’s going to be one I’ll watch over and over again.

A true masterpiece.

What are your thoughts on it? Did you like it? What do you think is going to happen next?

Are you as in love with Bill Hader as I am?

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