Brooklyn99 – s06 ep14 – “Ticking Clocks” – REVIEW

Another Guardian of the 99 is here!!! After Lin Manuel-Miranda’s guest appearance as Amy’s brother, it was time for Sean Astin to come to the Precinct!


I loved it.

I loooooved it.

Scully and Hitchcock are cooking lasagna in the microwave and guess what? It takes 21 minutes and 30 seconds, the exact length of a Brooklyn Nine Nine episode.


But they don’t have garlic bread! And they don’t know if they can go to the store and make it back in time!

On the other side of the room Rosa is being Rosa:

But Jake has learnt how to read Holt! And A HACKER HAS BEEN TRYING TO INFILTRATE THE PRECINCT’S SERVERS and steal info about undercover agents!


And two sororities got into a fight! And they’re so mean!

Amy is at the dentist but she has FOMOAW: Fear of Missing Out At Work

But Jocelyn, Rosa’s girlfriend has come to the 99 to break up with her because of her job which prevents them from spending lots of time together.

And they Boyle gets involved:

Hitchcock and Scully are so obvious to everything that’s been happening. The only thing they are about is their lasagna and I’m in love with this.

AND WE GET A KILLING EVE REFERENCE! Which is hilarious because Andy and Sandra hosted the Golden Globes together!

And the hacker keeps messing with them! And Rosa tells the truth about her evil plan: she doesn’t want Jocelyn back just to dump her so hard, she loves her and she wants them to stay together.


… it’s weak and humiliating to love someone. I lied to make myself feel strong and normal.

I mean…. ROSA!?!?! *insert crying emoji* That’s so sweet! And she promises to make more of an effort in the relationship!

And AMY ARRIVES!!! Along with Hitchcock and Scully and their garlic bread. They’re on a run against time! For garlic bread!

Also, can someone please send Jake some flowers? Especially after this rude comment:

The hacker sends them to the first floor but it was all a rouse! He is a criminal and he had been tricking them all along! And he’s holding the captain at gun point!



And then look at Jake’s face when Holt gets mad at him!!!! He does not want to disappoint his dad.

And Hitchcock and Scully’s bread got burnt!!!

The ending killed me.

It’s literally just Hitchcock and Scully eating the lasagna in perfect silence. I was waiting for them to say something and they didn’t!!! It was amazing!

I laughed so much!

Honorable Mentions

Charles is a Hunger Games Stan

“How depressing. I never would have thought that typing an intricate sequence of numbers from memory would bring such sadness.”

Captain Holt

I was fooled, Jakey. You’re my computer boy.” – EW CHARLES COME ON!

Captain Holt still ends his texts with “Sincerely Raymond Holt”.

How fun was this?! And how great was Sean Astin? Thank you for protecting the 99!

I identify so much with Hitchcock and Scully and I am basically them all the time.

What are your thoughts about it?

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