Barry – s02 ep04 – “What?!” – REVIEW

This episode was a lot more dramatic then the previous ones and although I missed the comedy aspects, I loved it.

It was intense. Like… super intense. I could not take my eyes off the screen. I gasped, I was shocked and I was mesmerized by it.

In the last episode, we left Barry facing Sally’s ex husband with a terrifying expression on his face.

But contrary to what everybody was expecting, he doesn’t bea the shit out of him. Barry, Sally and Sam are having dinner together at a diner and it’s so weirdly amicable.

He was abusive, she ran from him and yet, they’re sitting together, talking about their lives. And out of the three of them, Barry seems to be the only one finding that situation abnormal.

Sally’s friend told Sam about the play she’s doing about her marriage to him and his abuse. And he wants to see it.


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Barry even does a double take of Hank. That was hilarious. And the translator is back!

Barry talks to Sally about the differences between reality and the story she wants to tell in from of the audience, the story of a strong woman who had enough of her abusive husband; who she confronted and then left.

And the following scene is probably one of the most real moments on the entire show so far.

“I stayed. You know, I wrote it like this because if I don’t do it this way, how do I explain to people that I just like… ran away?”

Sally isn’t hiding behind a mask anymore, she’s talking to Barry about her actual feelings, she’s finally being real.

I was one of the most genuine moments between the two. And Barry handles it very well. They have a real connection, they share, they help each other. He tells her this class isn’t everything. She can do whatever she wants on stage. She doesn’t own anything to anybody.

Fuches is still working with the cops, trying to force Barry to admit what he did to Janice. But it’s clear he’s havin second thoughts.

On this episode, Gene connects further with his son through some strawberries he brings him. For once, Gene made an effort to be involved in his son’s life.

But guess what? Sam is watching Sally rehearsing, Barry sees him and threatens him to leave. Aaaaaand, to quote Bill Hader’s favourite show: “She snapped.”

Also, Sam is really an asshole, who manipulates Sally to meet him at his hotel. And he’s really good at it. Really good.

Both in this episode and in the previous one, they used a slow motion effect that I was not totally on board with, but I think they used it to further underline Barry’s anger and his deteriorating loss of control.

I mean, he is going to Sam’s hotel with a loaded gun, ready to kill him.

As soon as Sally says “No” to Sam, he looses his shit and Sally leaves but…

Somehow both of them don’t see him and Barry manages to hide. That was both terrifying and incredibly funny. Bill’s facial expressions are the best!

On the other hand, Fuches tries to save Barry and escape from the hotel room The Cop is keeing him it. So when Fuches rejects him, he goes to his other mentor: Gene.

He pushes Barry to reveal what really happened with his friend Albert in Afghanistan. Words can’t describe it.

After he tells the truth, they acutally have an honest conversation. Gene says he hopes human beings can change, otherwise they are both fucked. He consoles him and he gives him hope.

But he still bills Barry for the “private lesson”. Gene is truly horrible.

And after this illuminating moment, Barry goes to talk to Fuches and he admits to killing Janice, prompting to this:

It feels like the Cop is losing is mind, talking to himself, convincing himself to do it.

But it’s not what you think:

I can’t wait to see what is going to happen. This show has created rich and complex characters with a captivating directorial point of view. It’s so well written, acted and directed. I am in awe of it.

Did the ending surprise you? What about Sally and Barry’s honest moment? And the one he shared with Gene?

Let’s talk!

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