Jane The Virgin – s05 ep05 – “Chapter Eighty-Six” – REVIEW

This is not going to be a typical review. It’s just not.

I am not going to stand here and tell you that I liked the episode or that I’m enjoying this storyline because I didn’t.

I love Jane The Virgin. I love it. And I’m sorry if you like Michael and the whole love trangle thing, but I don’t.

I have faith in the writers and in the producers and creator, but what is this leading to? What is their goal?

I just don’t get it.

Why go back?

Anyway, this episode is all about Jane’s 30th’s birthday and her strained relationship with both Michael and Rafael.

I think her conflicted feelings are perfectly normal and the confusion she is experiences is completely normal, especially given the circumstances. I think they are potraying it truthfully and giving an insight to a woman’s feelings, emotions and fears.

And that’s important. The show is about Jane and her life. It’s about a latina woman of color, in an incredibly funny and clever parody of a telenovela.
There aren’t that many characters like that on Tv, there isn’t lots of representation of people like Jane.

So I understand the need to explore her thoughts and feelings. What I don’t get is the reason of doing it this way.

That being said, they needed to create some sort of conflict because otherwise 19 episodes aren’t going to be writing themselves.

But did it have to be like this?

Sure, bring Michael back, name him Jason and make Jane question her feeling. But don’t let him remember.

Just don’t.

I don’t know where this is going and I truly truly hope this whole mess is going to resolve itself.

And on top of that, Jane has to deal with a super angry Mateo. Poor baby. He’s gone through so much!

Despite everything, I loved seeing Justina Michado back on TV! #SaveOneDayAtATime! Netflix, you cowards.

And Rogelio’s attempts to reconnect with his baby Baby, after she developed a strong attachment to Esteban, Darci’s boyfriend.

Rogelio is the best. I just love how so extra he is. It was nice to see him fighting for his daughter.

And then there’s Petra and her shaky relationship with JR. Despite being back together, it’s hard to forget for how long Petra lied to her girlfriend and there are still some deep truth issues between the two of them. I mean… that’s an understatement.

But look at this sweet moment between her and Jane!

Anyhow… I wasn’t that into writing this review. I am mad, I feel like they’re going back to season 2!Jane and… what about character development?

Maybe by the end of the season, I’ll look back and understand why they did this. But as of now, I don’t.

Do you agree with me? Do you disagree? What are your thoughs on the episode and on the arch of the season?

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