Riverdale – s03 ep18 – “Chapter Fifty-Three: Jawbreaker” – REVIEW

I feel like I say this every week, but…


And Lili Reinhart and Mädchen Amick steal the show. Their performances were incredible. They can manage to turn ridiculous and unrealistic lines into a great piece of acting.

And just to be clear, I don’t care about Archie. I don’t. I just really really don’t. I could not give less of a shit about his boxing career or his gym or anything else Archie related.

The only thing about Archie I like and adore is Fred.

That’s it.

Veronica & Archie

Some boxing shit happens. Veronica persuades some people, she’s still serving other people’s storylines and that’s not okay.

He fights a huge guy who’s on Fizzle Rocks, but not the “normal” one.

Aaaaand the guy dies.

Cheryl and Toni

Cheryl is way too deep into the Farm and I’m so scared for her. Toni is so worried for her and she’s kind of right to hold Betty responsible.

I mean, showing Cheryl the footage of Clifford shooting Jason was COLD but necessary. And Cheryl is DELUSIONAL.

Evelyn even has the gut to threaten Toni for “distracting” Cheryl from her studies. The “Bitch, I love her” line was amazing.


Sweet Toni tries to distract Cheryl with sex. You go girl. We need more of that.

“Jason is a ghost. And I’m right here.”

But stupid Evelyn makes Cheryl decide between Toni and Jason and guess what? Toni joins the Farm!



Poor strong and independent Betty… Why are they torturing you so much? Last season I don’t think she went without crying in every single episode; this one has her fighting a cult, half the town and her mother.

Please, let her go on vacation with Jughead for one or two episodes. My girl needs some rest!

But no! She’s trying to find out more about the Farm and the shit that goes on in there.


Edgar tells us how different he was back in the days, that he found a farm and they revolutionized his life and so he started his own farm to “heal people” and help them become the best version of themselves. EW.

insert epic Liz Lemon eye-roll

And Betty does not buy into his bullshit. And yet, she goes to see Hal. I don’t get this. I just don’t.

Betty takes Alice to Charles’ fake grave and then… she kidnaps her. I love it.

Betty does not want to let go of her mother, understandably. But turns out, Alice is as good as gone. She burnt all the photo albums Betty left with her. She crazy.

But Betty threatening Evelyn was EVERYTHING. From the camera angle to the light in Betty’s eyes and Lili’s performance, it gave me the chills.

Betty listens to the tapes and it’s super weird. She’s hearing what her brainwashed mother thinks of her and the fucking “darkness” she sees in her. That was jarring.

And in the end, she lets her go. She doesn’t just let go of her mother from the handcuffs, she lets her go from her life, no matter how much that hurts her. But what I loved the most was Betty’s interaction with Toni.

Hal’s “I just wanna come home” freaked me out. Please, Betty, don’t let him manipulate you.


Jughead and FP are investigating one of Archie’s ex-con buddies’ death (weirdly called Baby Teeth) and to be honest, I love them working together and collaborating.

FP might have been a pretty shitty father and he is still not that good of a person but at least he’s trying and he is spending time with his son… sure, next to dead bodies, criminals and drug dealers but still quality father/son time.

At a pitstop at Riverdale’s sex club to gather clues about Baby Teeth’s final hours, they find a man that can only be described as demonic. Crazy ass eyes, foam at the mouth, bear-like groans and violent tendencies.

They are kicking this fizzle rocks things up a notch and I am here for this!

The show is taking a step forward into the absurd and I love it.

And it’s Kurt that’s dealing the drugs! The weird guy Gladys forced Jughead to find, welcome to the Serpents and, in case you don’t remember, HE THREW JUGHEAD OUT OF A FUCKING WINDOW.

And now here the best part of the entire episode: Curt’s evil laughter. There’s literally an evil laughter in the episode.


But wait!


I love this show.

Honorable Mentions

Dr. Curtle Jr. is back!!! He is creepy and I love him. (He was on Sabrina and he played a totally different character and that was just… no.).


The girl hitting her head on the lockers. That was so much fun!

It was not a particularly great episode but DANG I had so much fun making fun of it!

There were elements of this episode I really enjoyed like FP and Jughead working together to solve mysteries, Toni and Betty finally having a nice scene together and of course Mädchen and Lili giving us chills.

My question is: how are they going to come back from this “Farm” storyline? Are they going to suddenly make them sane again? Are they going to snap out of it?

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