Jane The Virgin – s05 ep04 – “Chapter Eighty-Five” – REVIEW

Last week I was shaken to my core by the ending. I should have predicted it, it was the obvious direction the story was going to go to but I was still shocked.

Michael’s memories are back.

The thing it, what I loved most about season 4 was that there was no love triangle. I hate it. I really don’t like the whole concept and I get that it’s a telenovela trope and it has been like this season the early seasons, but… I don’t like it!

I just want her to be happy with Rafael. I like Michael but I’m Team Rafael all the way.

It’s “grandparents’ day” at Mateo’s school, Rafael gives her flower for the anniversary of her book getting published and Alba is reading WAAAAAAY too much into Jorge’s letters from Mexico.

The most hilarious thing is Petra, running to Jane for advice with JR. But after she solves her crisis, Jane looks at Jason and she is sure that he is not Jason anymore.

He is back to being Michael.

He just wants Jane to be happy, he was willing to leave and let her be with Rafael. Which is the most Michael thing he could possibly do.

At the Marbella, Petra is dealing with her mother. And after threats of restraining orders and lawsuits, they end up being handcuffed together.

And at Rogelio and Xo’s house, she has the last round of chemo and she’s determined not to miss grandparents’ day at Mateo’s school.

Coming back to Jane, she’s spending time with Michael and it feels like we went back in time. And it’s awkward. I mean, she’s with Rafael, she was about to get engaged to him!

But Michale tells her he’s still in love with her, even after 4 years and his memory loss.

And now they have to deal with his. I hate seeing Raf’s spirit getting crushed by this situation. And of course Jane is conflicted. She does not know what to do. Should she sign the divorce papers?

Which brings us to:

And after talking about Jane’s problems, they deal with Petra’s… while day drinking.

She mails the papers but instantly regrets it. And she crushes Rafael’s spirit again.

We get a lovely moment with Mateo and Xiomara. After now feeling to well and being rushed to the hospital, she shares with Rogelio her fear of Mateo remembering her as a sick person.

The video of Mateo talking about Xo was super cute! It was such a touching moment! But wait… Petra is handcuffed to her mother!

But she and JR get back together!!!!

And my heart broke at the scene between Alba and Jorge. The letters he wrote to her did not reflect his feelings for he and she was so disappointed.


But what she says next mae an impact on both Jane and Rafael.

“We were in love. Feelings that deep don’t just go away.”

It hit hard both Jane and Raf. He was so considerate towards her, so present for her, despite knowing how conflicted she was.

The montage of Raf remembering Jane choosing Michael over him made me so sad.

I don’t like this love triangle thing. I just don’t. But I looooove how they showed the complexity of Jane’s feelings and that they articulated why she is making the choices she is.

The writing on this show is outstanding. Absolutely outstanding.

So what are your thoughts on the episode? What do you think of the trajectory of the season? Leave me a comment.

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