Brooklyn99 – s06 ep12 – “Casecation” – REVIEW

It took me so long to write this review. So long. I’m over a week late. I just needed to get my thoughts in order.

But I had missed the show so much!

I have missed it so much! But for the first time ever, I have mixed feelings about it. It’s written by Luke Del Tredici, who has written some on my favourite episodes includingThe Box“, “Jake & Amy”, “48 Hours”, “Adrian Pimento” and “The Big House pt 1″!

But this felt like an episode that could have been perfect for season 5, before Jake and Amy got married.

So… Jake and Amy have been working so much they couldn’t take a break to celebrate their one year anniversary together. Jake asks her to stay with him at the hospital while he’s waiting for his victim to wake up.

And he turns it into a romantic day for him and Amy! He jut wants to hang out with hi wife. He’s so adorable.

And they talk about their favourite moments as a married couple!!! THAT WAS AMAZING!

But their moments is ruined by Pam, the patient next door, who makes a really uncomfortable comment about mixed-raced children and asks them: “Do you two have kids?”

And Amy says they’re gonna start trying soon. Which leads into Jake and Amy spiralling, especially Jake.

He’s not sure about having kids, while Amy is.

And then obviously Captain Holt gets involved! Him quoting his credentials made me laugh so hard.

As well as Jake’s single crumpled pieces of paper opposite Amy’s carefully researched and planned binders with colour coded sections.

My two adorable nerds…

And so they debate their opinions!

With Kevin on the phone, who is also a licenced debate judge. There was no doubt on that.

We get a Jake flashback, which are always so hilarious given the SNL Andy Samberg hair he sports.

But Jake lays out his feeling telling Amy repeatedly: “I’m scared.”

I liked that they showed him having emotions and being able to communiate them to his wife. That being said, I think reversing the roles would have been a lot more interesting and maybe not so cliché.

Having Jake trying to convince Amy to have kids would have probably made a better storyline and Jake had already expressed multiple times his openess about having kids, althought in a more abstract way.

People got angry about Amy’s line about starting over if she wants to have kids. Sure, I was taked aback by it as well. I thought it was an odd, out-of-character and stupid thing to say. She obviously didn’t mean it. She was in the heat of the moment.

And people online took it WAAAAAAY too seriously. First of all, it’s a TV show. Second, this is a TV show about people, flawed people who sometimes make mistakes. Third, Kevin said the same thing to Holt in Safe House!

People fight, they have disagreements, they say things they don’t mean to.

Chill, people. Just chill.

Rosa and Terry came in a the worst moment, but it was nice to see her dancing and clapping her hands!!!

Another moment that felt weird was Rosa siding with Amy on the matter.

Just like Terry telling Jake not to have kids! It was weird coming from him but I get it. You shouldn’t have kids if you’re not 100% sure about it, of you’ll end up resenting them and that’s horrible. Not for you, but for you child.



But he manages to stop her! Andy was so good in that scene!!! He played it so good!

And we get a cool throwback to the wedding vows:

Oh, you didn’t hear? There was a second bomb. Your butt. Your butt is the bomb.


“I do wanna have kids with you.”

“Maybe it’s a good thing that I’m scared of fathrhood. You know, maybe it’ll turn me into a freaking dad-genius.”

My babies being all adults!


But if they name their baby Atlas I’m gonna punch someone.

Honorable Mentions

“I came as fast as I could”

“Title of your sex tape!” – I’ll never get tired of this joke.

I love Scully being the king of the hospital, high five-ing nurses and technicians.

A “Moana” reference! Hi, Lin-Manuel Miranda!

It wasn’t a standard Brooklyn99 episode. At least not to me. As I’ve said before, this could have been a season 5 episode, before the wedding. I think a controlling Type-A personality like Amy would have check in with Jake about children.

So yeah, not my favourite episode. I might have to rank this in the “still amazing because it’s Brooklyn99 but not my favourite” kind of list.

What are your thoughts on the episode? Are you one of the outraged people on Tumblr or did you like it?

Let me know!

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