Barry – s02 ep03 – “Past = Present x Future Over Yesterday” – REVIEW

I’ve had a couple of rough days and I was not able to watch Barry. Sorry Barry but I watched “Game of Thrones” on Monday. I had to buddy-watch it with my friend.


Let’s dive in: this episode was just as interesting has the last one. What I love about it is that they all have a theme: and this one is the truth, especially regarding past events.

But let’s forget about the serious stuff for a second and concentrate on Hank and my love for him.
His “We have to kill Barry” was both devastating his hilarious at the same time. Just because Cristobal invited Esther to share their living quarters and the Bolivians are relocated to a container.

And they try to do it.

Barry finds Hank and his sidekick on a roof, but he can’t do it. He can’t pull the trigger.

But the most hilarious thing is the juxtaposition of the comedy and realness of the scene.
Hank vomits after Barry lowers the gun because he was so afraid of being. And that is followed by Hank’s super weird dance.
That was amazing.

That was so fucking funny!!!

Hank with his kangle hat while Barry is teaching his guys to shoot guns. One more thing: 15 minutes before he said: ” We have to kill Barry” and now he’s like: ” he’s my best friend.”

What a journey!

At this point, there are no more words to express how much I adore this show.

The shooting scene was also so extremely important because when one of the guys finally shoots at a target, his comrades cheer for him, just like Barry’s friends did for him after his first kill.

Moving on from Hank and the Bolivians, I loved the narrative methods they used in the episode to show Barry’s recollection of his first kill and how he wants to portray it.

He wants to find a way to talk about being a marine and being in the war without making it about death.

So we see different versions of an event and Barry imaging telling the story in front of Gene.
It gives us an insight into how his mind works.

And the fact that his recollection stops, he quotes “Braveheart” (which Fuches had mentioned during their meeting) and it’s so meta. Gene appears and the other “characters” in the scene give him advice on how to make his monologue better.

It was such a clever way to make the scene on him trying to collect and write down his memories.

Also, I want to find someone who looks at me the same way Hank looks at Barry

Sally, just like Barry, is dealing with the truth. She is so nonchalant about her former husband trying to choke her. She cares more about re-writing her own narrative. The “choke on this” line was so blatantly fake. She talks to her friend who remembers the night Sally left her husband.

It’s a realistic depiction of the situation, without any cinematic influence, because… you know… life isn’t a movie.

But she wants her own made-up version to be real.

But let’s not forget about Fuches! He’s trying to frame him for Janice’s murder and working with the Feds. But his scene with Barry ends up being so extremely emotional. We see the love between the two of them.

But the ending in this episode is really a Bill Hader’s moment to shine.

Barry gets roped into playing Sally’s husband and she wants him to fake-choke her. The close up in his face while trying to say horrible things to Sally proved how amazing Bill is.
And when Barry resists doing it, she pushes him to the edge, not realizing what she is doing and especially saying to him.

But Sally’s ex husband shows up unexpectedly. I am not sure about the last shot. I don’t know if doing that slow-motion head turn and close up made it seem too cinematic or if it just gave Bill another moment to prove his talents.

His angry expression scared the shit out of me.

Honorable Mentions

I don’t want to choke you.
Oh Barry it’s fine. I’ve done years of stage combat fight.” – HOW IS SALLY EVEN REAL?!?1

“I don’t wanna hurt anybody.” – This broke my heart. Barry just wants to leave his life behind and he can’t seem to be able to do it.

This was such an interesting episode and I cannot wait to see what Bill Hader and Alec Berg have in store for us.

What did you think of the episode? What are your thoughts on Sally?

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