Jane The Virgin – s05 ep02 – “Chapter Eighty-Three” – REVIEW

And the story goes on!

Last week’s episode was so intense! There was so much stuff going on! This time, I was a little bit more relaxed: Jane and Rafael’s relationship moved forward, the Jason thing was shocking and Rose’s gang of allies scared me so much.

Nonetheless, I was relatively calm.

Jane is still trying to figure out if she’s still married to Michael Jason and Jorge and Alba’s marriage certificate has come into the mail!

And they look so happy… and not just for the piece of paper… if you get what I mean…

Jane compiles a tight schedule to help Jason with his memories that won’t impact her life with Rafael and Mateo.

This happenes (which was hilarious)!

The problem is: she can’t seem to be able to connect with Jason. It seems like he doesn’t like her at all. But he does seem to be infatuated with Petra. Which is super weird.

He is so different and when, for a single moment, he seems to be remembering a detail about his previous life, Jane freaks out.

Moreover he asks Jane the money she got from selling his car and as sooon as Rogelio mentions an opportunity for him to get more money, he agrees immediately.

Speaking of, at work Rogelio is not happy with the script. His big monologue was cut and he tries to win over the writers and the production team.

Rosa gets into Rafael’s head about Jason’s memories coming back. And he is not the only one who is terrified by that possiblity.

Jane is scared of what she might do if Jason becomes Michael again. I mean, he is her husband. She’s so happy with Rafael, se really is. But she is terrified her feelings for Michael might come back. And then? What is she supposed to do?

And that’s a legit question! What would you do in her place?

I loved how she explained the whole situation to Mateo using puppies as a metaphor. It was an easy to understand scene for an incredibly complicated issue.

But the whole Jane/Jason saga isn’t over. He takes her line dancing at a country club and he kisses her.

Jane obviously pushes him away and remins him she is with Rafael. It seems to be the breaking point for Jane’s struggles. She is more confident in her decision to divorce Jason, no matter what her christian guilt tells her.

In what could have been a bigfight with Rafael, she confeses she wishes Michael Jason hadn’t come back. She was so happy with her life and this is just a mess.

But my heart broke when Alba told Jane that she had asked Rogelio (who asked J.Lo) for a favor and fast-tracked Jorge’s papers to travel and visit his mother.

And she did it to protect herself. She was having feelings for Jorge again and, contrary to Jane, she still feels married.

Something I would also like to underline is Michael’s Jason’s change. We were all so focused on what Jane was feeling we almost forgot to think what it must have been like for him to come back, to see all these people who knew him before his memory got erased.

He is the victim. His life was the one that was completely overturned.

But the fact he made up an excuse not to sign the divorce paper is troubling me. I’m curious to see what’s going to happen next.

I hope we get to see so much more of Rogelio. As well as Petra and her life after JR. I love them both so much.

What are your thoughts on the episode? Did you like it? What do you think is going to happen with Jason and Jane?

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