Barry – s02 ep01 – “The Show Must Go On, Probably?” – SEASON PREMIERE

I love this premiere. I loved it. I am so glad Barry is back!!!! I have waited a whole year for this and it did not disappoint.

In case you forgot, last year we left off with Barry, Sally, Gene and Janice at a cabin in the woods and with Janice putting together the pieces about Barry’s life. We see her pointing a gun on him and then shots being fired.

The Czechians are working with the Bolivians and everything seems perfect.

Aaaaand as we come back in season 2 with a distraught Gene after Barry killed Janice.

Fuches has hired another hitman after Barry abandoned him and he is shit. The fact that he kept opening and closing the door and the killer didn’t shoot him was hilarious. I laughed so hard.

It was such a funny episode right from the beginning.

The acting class is preparing a show and Barry seems like he is the only one willing to go on. Everyone is upset about Gene’s mental breakdown and he is the only one who seems unfazed.

If we cancel the show, then what was the point?


By saying this, Barry seems to justify murdering Janice. He did it because he wanted to keep acting. He has found his purpose: acting.

Hank’s “sex in the city” sequence was amazing. He writes an email to the rest of the gang in Chechnya and he describes his new partnership with the Bolivians: from inspirational conferences to the kidnapped brainwashed chef and the recreational football league.

He sounds like a 12-year-old kid at summer camp who is sending a letter to their parents, telling them all about the new friends they have made along the way.

But Cristobal wants them to collaborate with the Burmese family, the Czechian’s mortal enemy…

I legit gasped! And the fact that these gangsters give each other reading lists is amazing.

The Detectives believe Janice was taken by the Czechians and Gene is obviously devastated by the news.

Goran’s family is not happy that Hank is in business with the Bolivians , whom they believe to be responsible for Goran’s death.

And they send him a bullet. So he calls this guy because they’re “bros” and they went to pre-school together so he asks him not to kill him.

An now, my favourite scenes: Barry doing a terrible British accent and Hank in a wig and a purple floral shirt.

I laughed so fucking much, I had to pause the episode. I don’t know why but it caught me by surprise and it was hilarious.

Fuches is still detained by the police and I can’t believe he commits such a stupid mistake like drinking the coke. Because then the cops took the can as DNA evidence.

This is the only thing that left me a little bit confused. He didn’t think about it? He didn’t realize it? I can’t believe that’s true.

Barry makes an unfortunate “Come on, guys! Who died?” joke at the premiere of the play he and the acting class is doing. And it’s further proof that he does not have the concept of what he did and how that affected the people around him.

But what made me angry was Barry talking about his first kill. And how disrespectful Gene and the acting group was.

Gene was so distraught about Janice’s death, he was devastated. But he wastes no time using Barry’s experience of his first kill to turn that into an inacurate representation of the events.

The stark contrast between how it actually happened (Barry’s comrades cheering and applauding him) and the exaggerated portrayal of the two actors was shocking.

This made me angry. It made me angry because these people are so focused on “the craft” that they forget there is life and there are real people outside of the stage doors.

They don’t understand the things he has done and the horrors he has seen. It’s just playing for them. It’s just pretending.

But this scene also gives us an insight into why Barry didn’t react like the others. Him killing people has always been celebrated, either by the other soldiers or by Fuches.

And I was just as upset when Barry asks Sally to be there for him. But she gives in a strict timeline on when she is actually available. She gives him “a window”.

But Barry’s troubles are not over. Hank confronts him about their last exchange. And we see a new side of him.

His childlike persona takes a turn in this episode. We finally see Hank being a boss and being in charge.

And at the end, the Detective gets Fuches DNA results and he connects them to Barry…

They are both in so much trouble…

To be perfectly honest, I was a little bit scared. Second seasons can be tough especially given the high expectations due to the amazing success of the first installment of Bary’s story. But after this episode, I have complete faith in the writers, Bill Hader and Alec Berg.

I do hope they will keep Hank alive for as long as possible. He is amazing and with no doubt, my favourite character.

Honourable Mentions

Cristobal has a picture of him and Hank up on the wall.

“Everyone is laughing at the hand-stabbing now!” – Hank, awkwardly laughing.

Did you like the episode? Do you have any theories about what’s going to happen?

Let’s talk!

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