Riverdale – s03 ep17 – “Chapter Fifty-Two: The Raid” – REVIEW

So much to talk about this week: from Jughead’s raid to Cheryl’s indoctrination into the Farm.

Aaaaand we get a soft and adorable Bughead moment. So I’m happy. If you don’t count the anger I felt about putting Cheryl in danger.

The Serpents are training with FP to better help the Sheriff’s department and it’s not ideal.

Jughead and Mommy Dearest’s war is starting and it’s already ugly. Check out those stares

Betty and Veronica are busy having a tour of the Farm, led by Kevin. Which is super weird. And look who comes out of there? Alice Cooper dressed in a satin white suit, basically hating on Betty.

But Veronica has bigger fish to fry. Daddy is shunning Hermione at the opening of the prison and she is pissed.

Also, she knows what happens to mobster’s wives when they get divorced: they simply disappear.

Archie gets a call from prison and oh hello, it’s Mad Dog! The prison guards are transfering them to Hiram’s prison and starting the illegal fighting again. This time, not only with juvie prisoners. So Archie enlists Veronica to help him and they free them!

Archie is not the only one who seeks help: Betty asks Cheryl to infiltrate the Farm and discover its dark secrets. And even though the plan starts off really well, it all comes crumbling down.

Meanwhile, Jughead and the Serpents are trying to find the Fizzle Rock’s suppliers, distributers and cook.

And Juggie’s trusty pocket knife comes back! Cute.

Cheryl seems to be particularly of interest to Edgar, who meets with her immediately, despite Alice telling us in the early episodes how rare it is.

They talk about her traumas, Jason, rebirth and more…

The Serpents screw up FP’s bust and oh dang he is angry! He even threatens to put Jughead behind bars if he screws up that bad again.

And Mommy Dearest is gloating. I hate her so much.

Veronica tries to save her parents’ marriage and protect her mother from receiving further raw fish on her mayoral desk. She had a boring storyline in this episode. I don’t care.

Cheryl gets wayyyyy to deep into the Farm and to be honest, I thought they wouldn’t get her. And neither did Betty.

She is so strong-minded, confident and mean that Betty thought it was impossible for them to corrupt her.

Just… please don’t hurt her. She is so damaged. She has suffered so many different traumas and gone through so many tragedies that I like it should be impossible for her to be as well-functioning as she is.

Betty just wanted help, she didn’t mean for Cheryl to get roped into the cult.


Aren’t they so cute? House is empty, investigating is on pause… it’s time to get sexy.

They look so cute together

Speaking of investigations, the Serpents and Archie’s prison pals raid a whole building, they find Gladys’ cook but… he escapes!

Oh and Jughead basically flies out a window.

It’s all super normal. Sure. Sure. I legit gasped and yelled: “JUGHEAD!” A person flies out the window an nobody bats an eye.

Poor babe… He just wants to run his mom out of town and stop drugs from poisoning people. But she’s a b-word and I hate her.

Betty finds the tapes of her mom and Polly’s confession about the guy Chich murdered and all the destroying of evidence.

But this is irrelevant now. We DO find out some stuff about The Farm. Cheryl tells Betty she talks to Jason. She sees him and she talks to him. And when Betty confronts Alice about it, she confirms it!

She talks to her decesed son Charles. It’s so heartbreaking. And when Betty goes to talk to finally talk to Edgar, she wants to know EVERYTHING.

Aaaaaaaaaaand there’s another chalice with the blue poison and the True Detective style murder is back!

Wow… this show is just… Wow…

It was a little bit of a filler episode, there were no bigger revelations and maybe for once not too much happened. I am super glad it didn’t. They need to slow down a little bit. There’s too much going on.

But I’m interested to know how they’re going to develop… well, it’s Riverdale… so I HOPE they’re going to develop this whole return to the chalice and poison thing.

At this point, the more Jughead drags it all on, the more FP is going to get hurt.
He needs to see how his wife is destroying the city and actively working against him.

What do you think of the episode? Do you think blowing Gladys’ cover will send FP over the edge? Sure he’s got his family back not but he is not the one sabotaging it now. Gladys is.

Let’s talk!

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