Jane The Virgin – s05 ep01: “Chapter Eighty-Two” – SEASON PREMIERE

Jane is back!

I was so excited for the premiere! Last season left us with a pretty big cliffhanger and I’ve been desperate to find out what the hell is going to happen to the Villanueva family.

Before the premiere, I wrote a blog post all about my hopes and dreams for the final season and…

Please let them all be happy!

Sooooo…. Michael is back. Well, Jason.

He has amnesia and he doesn’t remember anything. And I mean ANYTHING. He is a completely different person, with a thick Montana accent and a dog called Bo.


Apparently Rose fake his death, electroshoked him and completely erased all traces of him.


On the other side of town, Petra and JR have to deal with the person they shot: Milosh, Petra’s ex husband and 2/3 owner of the Marbella: he was the fake charity Louisa donated the money to.
Oh and apparently he was behind the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica deal. Sure. Why not?

Rogelio’s excitement over seeing Michael was the comedic highlight of the episode.

The doctor says he can’t really say if Michael Jason will ever recover his memory. So his mom asks Jane to show him around familiar places to maybe trigger something. Because she’s his wife.

We see Jane’s monologue and thoughts in an amazing 7 minute sequence, shot in one take. ONE.

And it was magnificent. Absoutely magnificent. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. Gina Rodriguez deserves all the awards for this scene. WOW.


I’m blown away by it. She is amazing. I want to be best friends with her.

I loved Petra in this episode. I loved her. She sent Milosh to jail without caring about the hotel shares, she said THIS:

YAAAAAY! More Rosa’s kiss with her girfriend on Brooklyn99 last week and now this! More Bi representation!

And she begged JR to stay, she talked about how much she has changed, become a better person. She is willing to improve even more. My heart broke. I love Petra.

Xiomara and Rafael’s hug was really emotional. Especially after he comforted Rogelio about his own issues, he needed to let go for a second.

One of the saddest thing is when one character completey forgets the other person, whether it’s a loved one like on Jane The Virgin or a best friends like on Doctor Who. (I’m still not over Donna and the Doctor’s goodbye).

For a moment, that felt like the old Jane and Michael…

And it’s so sad to see Michael like that. He was so happy and full of joy and Jason is so shy and reserved and… grumpy?

I’m curious to see how they’re going to explore this amensia storyline.

What I loved most about the episode was Rafael’s constant support. He was so incredibly selfless throughout the entire ordeal. He never wavered in front of Jane, he did everything he could to help her.

I loved it. He had been her partner, her confidant and her best friend in the past 4 years and she recognized it. She saw it and thanked him. It was such a nice moment.

Oh and Rose has recruite a bunch of people to help her disrupt the lives of the Villanuevas and Solanos.

So there’s gonna be so much drama!!!

I lvoed the episode! It was so emotional, fun, smart and mind-blowing. YES, I’m still thinking about the 7 minute single shot, okay? I’m obsessed with it.

What did you think of this season premiere? What’s going to happen next? How to you feel about Michael’s comeback?

5 thoughts on “Jane The Virgin – s05 ep01: “Chapter Eighty-Two” – SEASON PREMIERE

  1. Yes, the monologue was so great! It also did a fantastic job at really highlighting how Michael coming back from the dead felt for Jane without the episode spending too much time on it so we could focus on all of the other important elements too. Petra was also fantastic this episode as well!

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