Jane The Virgin is Ending and I Can’t Deal With It – Season 5 Hopes & Dreams

I cannot believe it’s almost over. It’s so sad. I love Jane The Virgin. It’s so incredibly clever while being cheesy and perfectly aware of that.

I have watched every single episode waiting for the next plot twist and they have never disappointed me. They were so shocking, weird and o over the top.

I was so sad when the CW announced season 5 was going to be the final one but it made sense.

Had it gone any longer, the whole parody of a telenovela would not have been funny anymore. They’re leaving on a high note.

I wrote a similar post about my hopes and dreams for the 8th season of Suits and MY, OH, MY, my expectations were exceeded.

I am Team Jafael.

I’m sorry. I love Michael with all my heart but the love triange thing is not for me. I’ve actually LOVED the way they have handled the show since Michael died: Jane’s sexual awakening, her feelings for Rafael, raising her son… She was been amazing these past one and a half seasons and overall, I’m glad they went that way and murdered Michael.

An extemely weird sentence to write, by the way…

As much as I love Michael, I want to see her with Rafael.

Let me make one thing clean, she don’t need no man… She’s an amazing, goofy, accomplished and strong woman. But if she chooses a companion, I hope for him to be Rafael.

He has evolved so much throughout the seasons (just like Petra) and it would break my heart if they ended up apart.


And I don’t even really like proposals!

Despite Petra‘s rocky realationship with JR, I love them. Seeing Petra fall for her during the past season as been hilarious and after all that went through with them, I need them to find happiness and stability.

I was so shocked by Xiomara’s diagnosis and I want to protect her and keep her safe. I hope this season she and Rogelio will settle into their marriage more comfortably, without the looming threat of cancer threatenin to tear them apart.

Please, make Rogelio even MORE OVER THE TOP this season.

He is so eccentric and I love him so much. He hates River Fields so freaking much. Their banter is everything.

And last but not least… ABUELA! I love Alba. And her marriage to Jorge! I still haven’t figured out my thoughts about this… I just want her to be happy.

Overall, I hope the family will grow together even more, especially the extended family. I love that they have brunch together on Saturday and that they care so much about each other. It’s a great representation of what a unconventional family can acually look like while at the same time building a safe environment for the kids.

So… here are my wishes and dreams for season 5. I basically just want everybody to be happy and healthy. What a cliché.

Do you have any hopes and dreams for season 5? What do you think will happen?

Team Rafael or Team Michael?

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