Brooklyn99 – s06 ep11 – “The Therapist” – REVIEW


Let’s talk about Rosa’s personal life! And her new girlfriend! But let’s get started, because this episode had an amazing start.

Cold Open

Bottles, Boyle, Bullpen, Bowling


Amy & Terry

A book has been wrongly shipped to Amy’s desk and it’s about

“How to please your wife. 100 tips to take your sex life from blah to whaaa”

But of course he denies it.

Terry doesn’t order books online. He supports local bookstores, Amy! They’re dying!

Terry Crews

Terry prints flyers that say: “Lost Sex Book”. He even calls Sharon so she call tell Amy that Terry is in fact good in bed. But she’s on speaker phone. With her children next to her.


I hope Jake does that for me if our sex life ever takes a dip.


*wink wink*

Turns out the book was his. And it think it’s great. Educate yourself, Terry and improve sex for your wife.

You go Terry!

Rosa & Holt

One of my favourite duos is back together!!! Holt invites Rosa’s girlfriend Jocelyn for dinner at his house, but she’s not ready for her to meet him.

Apparently, Holt can be quite judgimental.

But all of this is irrelevant, because this conversation happens:

Holt tries to prove to Rosa he can be non-judgimental. He does the same thing Amy does, the “Oh, I didn’t see you there!” line.

Holt, Rosa and Jocelyn finally agree to meet up at Shaw’s and…. turns out… that wasn’t the real Jocelyn.

It all leads Holt to believe that he and Rosa aren’t actually as close as he thought they were.

We learn tht Holt steams his dollar bills. Sure. I wouldn’t expect anything else from him.



I love it. More bi representation! YAAAAAY!

Jake & Charles

Charles and Jake investigate a murder with the help of the suspect’s pshychiatrist.

But Jake doesn’t believe in therapy and he is convinced all therapists are creeps, Hannibal Lecter’s style.

But as soon as the therapist says: “triggered”, Jake almost loses it. He also tells Charles he has a tendency of saying stuff who are WAAAAY to sexual.

Jake is even more convinced the therapist is the killer and he shows up at his office. In order not to get caught, he enters a random room and pretends to be a patient with multiple personality disorder.

Andy Samberg’s impersonations are hilarious! All the different british accents!!! I love him. I really do.

But Jake was right! The therapist was the killer! He had an affair with the victim! And this happened twice!

Jake has a breakthrough

I loved that they showed the importance of therapy and that even people who are not into it can benefit from it.

We need to normalized therapy. Going to therapy is normal. Lots of people go and it works. It helps them. It makes their life better.

Honourable Mentions

Charles goes to couple’s therapy with his dad. Sure. So normal.

“It’s hard for some people.”

“Title of your sex tape!”

“Title of your sex tape” jokes are back! I’ve missed them.

One of the things I love most about the show is the frienship they all have with each other and Jake and Charles’ is AMAZING

Who doesn’t compliment a friend’s yarn?

Scully is still with Cindy, the woman he met at the police conference in season 4! CUTE!

I loved this episode. I loved Holt’s phone conversation with Kevin, Rosa’s girlfriend and Amy’s bragging about how good her sex life with Jake is.

Let me know your thoughts about the episode! I really wanted Rosa to make it work with Gina Rodriguez’s character. Because I love Gina. But this is so cool!

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