You’re The Worst – s05 ep11 – “Four Goddamn More Days” – REVIEW


I can’t believe there are only two episodes left! And after the revelation in this one I cannot wait to see where the story is leading…

So, Gretchen is getting read in her room, she goes to the bar and this guys starts talking to her.


I did almost get married once.

And then she orders a whiskey… I thought she was sober. Everything had been pointing to the direction of her being sober but apparently… she’s not?

Althought Jimmy seems super into the wedding while Gretchen can’t seem to function.

She has not made a single decision about the whole thing and she’s acting strange.

She has been taking Edgar’s meds and it’s not going well with her. In the last episode, we saw her pulling the fire alarm and ruining the event.

And in this one we discover that she’s has been fired. She’s been pretending to go to work when actually, she’s been… well…

In the meantime, Edgar and Jimmy find out they’ve been fired from writing the script for the book.

They don’t handle it particularly well.

BUT KILLIAN IS BACK! I’ve missed him! Apparently his dad sobered up but they’re part of a cult. Riverdale style!

Poor guy.

Lindsay has been sneaking files from the garbage to take to Gretchen, while still having sex with her boss, who definitely seems NOT into it.

But when Edgar calls Gretchen’s office, he finds out she has been fired.

Small parenthesis: Vernon put his baby to sleep in a drawer and HE CLOSED IT. How is she going to be able to breathe?!?!

Jimmy keeps making insensitive comments about Gretchen’s depression and it got on my nerves:

Ever since I’ve been in a depressive spiral. I hope you can still love me through it. You know… I really underestimated the amount of psychic pain that depression can inflict. It really puts your past flare-ups into context.


And the next day, he is happier than ever. I love that they show just how much he doesn’t get it.

Edgar hid all his pills and Gretchen is freaking out. He tries to talk to her and then spends his day following her.

She’s on the verge of collapsing. She can’t keep it straight anymore.

Edgar meets her at a park while she’s taking dogs up for adoption on a walk. And they confront each other.

It was such a beautiful scene. I loved it. Aya Cash played it beautifully. I can’t say that enough. She makes me feel so much whenever she does these dramatic scenes.

I loved this tender moment between them.

So she goes home and Jimmy has prepared a very romantic surprise for her, a wedding dress and lots and lots of candles.

She tells him everything, her getting fired, the meds, the wedding…

Jimmy reassures her everything is fine. It seemed to me that he has done a lot of growing up in the past episodes, but the last look he gives the camera scares me.

So what are your thoughts on the episode? I have been having this feeling that they will eventually break up and this confirmed it.

And I am just devastated. I knew it. I’ve known it for a while. But hearing Gretchen say: “I did almost get married once.” made it all too real.

We have only two episodes left. What do you think will happen? Do you have any theories? Let me know and let’s chat!

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