Was All of This Worth It? – Suits – Darvey Edition

Let me start by saying this:


Now that THAT is out of the way…


No, seriously, what the fuck happened?! I was sure this was not going to happen. I had so little faith in it. I was 100% convinced it was never going to be a possibility.

I was so fucking sure and yet… IT DID!!!

On Twitter I was really pessimistic and wrote, and I quote:

“My hopes and dream have been shattered once again.”

Me on Feb 23rd

And then

“Hadn’t they brought Hardman back, Darvey could have been a possibility in s8, but now next episode will for sure be focused on the firm and the lawsuit.”

Me on Feb 21st


I mean, we’ve been disappointed so many times by this show, I was not expecting anything like this.


and then this!


But let’s go back for a moment.

Was All of This Worth It?

If you really think about it… was this actually a good journey?

Was this journey necessary for them to embark on a healthy relationship?

Well… yes. Harvey was not emotionally available and Donna needed “more” in life. He needed to grow up and she needed to advance her career and establish herself as a manager and not just an employee.

What I still think was unnecessary was his relationship with his former psychologist, Paula Agard. That was useless.

Sure it made him rekindle his relationship with his mother and understand his feelings about what she did but that could have been perfectly achieved without the romance between the two.

He didn’t realize his feelings for her when Jessica left but Robert leaves and all of a sudden, BAM! He’s emotionally ready, he understands everything, let’s run towards Donna!

Couldn’t he have had this realization before? At Rachel and Mike’s wedding maybe? No, that whole episode had to be about Jessica Pearson’s new show.

I’m still not over the way they handled that finale. It was crappy.

Still, I’m happy they made them get together at the end of season 8, so we have one season of them being together. That’s the only thing I’m looking forwar to.

I’m trying to figure out how we magically ended up in this place is going to drive me crazy.

I’m still baffled by the ending. I still don’t believe it actually happened.

What are your thoughts on Darvey’s journey? Was it worth it? Was all of this emotional pain necessary?
Let’s discuss!

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