Brooklyn99 – s06 ep10 – “Gintars” – REVIEW

I have some thoughts on the episode and I’m conflicted. I don’t know if my over-critical-Riverdale-watching brain is seeing issues where there arent’ any but Jake’s whole “deportation” idea did not fly well with me.

Other than that, it was such a funny episode. From Jake to lying about this genitals, Ike Barinholtz’ role as Nikolaj’s biological father to Amy and Holt fangirling like crazy aboout Dr Yee.

Amy’s dream has finally come true: she’s best friends with Holt and it’s hilarious.

Two nerds geeking about insects.

The entire fandom watching B99 be like:

Amy, Holt, Rosa and Terry

Rosa wants the FBI to get a forensic team to help her out on a case and Holt and Amy want Dr. Yee, the expert they brought in season 5.

While they fangirl like crazy, Terry starts a complicated journey with his eyebrows.

Look at these two best friends:

Flies don’t lie


They are such dorks.

The “Which Edition?” part killed me. Andre Braugher deserves all awards in the world.

But Rosa finds out Dr. Yee is a fraud and after briefly getting fired by Holt, he admits the truth. It’s all a lie.

And Holt and Amy are devastated. And they admit their wrongdoing… and then the ignore everything that has happened and they go back to fangirling.

I love one (1) Boss/Sergeant dynamic.

Jake and Charles

Nikolaj’s biological father is here! And their family dynamic is confusing as hell.

And he was a company, called “Gape”, a knock-off version of the Gap. Even if he doens’t want to admit it. And, in true Charles’ fashion, it gets super weird.

I walk your sex result to school every morning. I help your sex result with his homework. I sing your sex result a lullaby every night.

That was uncomfortable.

Charles agrees to let Gintars meet Nikolaj, and this exchange brightened my day:

He is such a mini-Charles!

But Gintar immediately tells Nikolaj


“Daddy Gintars”…. Poor Charles. He is so devastated.

And Jake’s plan to deport him is shady as hell. Was deporting the best solution to get rid of Gintars?

Jake’s talk with Gintars about his mutilated penis, which was his first thought, was hilarious and literally two seconds later, Gintars admits his business and he gets him arrested.

And we get Jake to tell everybody his penis is “perfect“. LOOOOL.

Probably for the first time ever, Charles is actually mad at Jake. He just wants him to listen to what he says, and not try to fix his life.



This is such a realistic portrayal of adoption and it’s important people hear it.


Honorable Mentions

We should go on a month long couples vacation. You, Amy, me and my dad.” – WHY NOT GENEVIEVE!?! He is so weird!

“Judging by the head-to-toe denim, I’d say he’s either non-american or deeply american. I’m thinking Ukraine or Kentucky.” – That was hilarious.. Sorry Kentucky.

“I come from white country. I have looooong visa.” – Brooklyn99’s social commentary is always on point.

I got you your favourite tea. Duck broth.” – That’s so disgusting….

They’re so weird.

This episode had such an important messange about adoptions and how to do it right, to put the child’s needs first and show them unconditional love.

I didn’t really like the whole “deportation” sub-plot. They could have found another way to get rid of Gintars instead of resorting to such extreme measures.

I’m super glad tey explored the Holt/Amy dynamic, it was just as funny as seeing Terry’s changing facial hair.

Can’t wait to see what’s in store for us next!

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