You’re The Worst – s05 ep10 – “Magical Thinking” – REVIEW

Only three more episodes to go and then the show is over!!! I can’t deal with this.

Espeially when Jimmy picks up the florist in Gretchen’s car! And apparently they’re going to a wedding!





What is this? I can’t deal with the suspence! What is happening?!


Lindsay is weirder than usual, especially when she ends up at the office. Where she works. With Gretchen.

And she doesn’t recognise her boss.

And she sleeps with her.

I love her so much. She is so dumb. She only realises it after it all happens. How could she not know who the boss is?

But that’s Linsday for you!

Edgar and Jimmy

Now that they are both writing a script, Edgar finally feels equal to Jimmy and he starts laying some truths.

How stupid are you?

Who are you talking to?

Gretchen has a very important event tonight and you don’t even react, let alone volunteer to go?

Why are you talking to me like this? What’s happening?

And let’s just say that Edgar is getting on Jimmy’s nerves. It seems like he is even better than him at writing.

I’m spontaneously re-evaluating our relationship and realising… Nah.


Edgar and Jimmy

Which, in Jimmy’s mind, is incomprehensible.

And then they do another amazing super long shot with Jimmy and Edgar at the park. It was soooo good!

Edgar talks to Jimmy about sharing things with Gretchen, living their lives together and not separate, like they’ve been doing for the most part of their relationship.

Living separate lives is good, but can it work in a marriage?

He needs to take interest in the things she likes, otherwise they’ll never be a couple.

He calls her and tries to be supportive.


Gretchen is pretty busy: she has to pull off an elaborate event for work, fundamental for her career.

But she’s still taking Edgar’s pills.

She’s jumpy, tense and agitated. Jimmy gets her white wedding shoes so she can break them in before the big day, just 29 days away.

She starts talking about metaphors for the wedding: if she can pull off the event, she can definitely get married.

Gretchen looks perfectly on top of everything and while Lindsay is dressed like a flight attendant, they do this amazing long take that shows the venue and it seems like the camera never stops rolling. For like 5 minutes!

AMAZING!!! Very well executed!

But there’s another BIG problem on Gretchen’s plate: Sam, Shitstain and Honey Nuts 2’s version of the track is not as good as the one with Knock Knock.

She has to make a decision: play the better track and embarass her boys or lose Knock Knock as a client?

And the decision she makes depends on how successful her marriage to Jimmy is.

And when confronted with which version she should play, she makes a choice.

Only to trigger the fire estinguishers and basically flood the entire venue.

What is that supposed to mean?!?

No seriously… what does it mean?

Has she given up? Is she going to marry Jimmy? I can’t handle all this stress!

I loved this episode. This is one of the episodes that I will rewatch the most.

I’m so curious about these flashforward scenes. And I hope Gretchen will sort out her pill problem.

It’s all scary. I’m scared.

What did you think of the episode? Who do you think is going to get married? What does the marriaage/track version metaphot mean?

Let’s talk!

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