Riverdale – s03 ep15 – “Chapter Fifty: American Dreams” – REVIEW

It’s FP’s 50th birthday!

But most importantly…


Good storylines (kind of… but it’s Riverdale. I can’t have too high expectatons), intense moments, sexy times and heart-breaking looks between Alice and FP.

And I think, for once and just FOR ONCE, I’ll shift my anger from Archie to Gladys. Way to go, buddy!

Let’s start off with a happy (and handsome) Jughead

He just wants a happy family and I’m so angry at Gladys for ruining it all for him.

And it takes us literally 2 minutes to find out that it is acutally Mommy Dearest who has bought the Coopers house.

And the tension is palpable.

Awww… And Jughead really doesnt want to live in that house. And Gladys’ expression after he tells her is hilarious.

I loved how he asked her to basically move in with them but what I adored even more was that she told him how uncomfortable it would have made her and he just accepted it.

Just like that. No drama, no fuss over it.

From a trashy teen drama like Riverdale I would have expected this tiny detail to be the fuse that started a downfall for Bughead. But for once, they decided to be mature about it. YAY!

On the other hand, Archie goes to Hiram for help and that was a surprise. He was been trying to kill him for the better part of the season and now they’re buddies.

So basically Hiram printed a bunch of cards with “Kill the Red Paladin” on them and that’s why people have been trying to kill Archie. So with the help of Betty and Jughead, they create a new quest that involves physically fighting Archie and if they can’t beat him, he’s no longer marked for “sacrifice“.

How can we take this show seriously?! Nevermind, I love it too much.

Spoiler alert: he wins.

Now let’s stop the review halfway through and talk aboout Choni.

Ok. What the fuck was that?

I get that Cheryl was upset with Toni and I totally understand Toni’s side of the argument a lot more than Cheryl’s, to be honest. Of course she didn’t want to be stuck in that house, living like a guest.

But it was all so petty. There was no comunication. ZERO. They just snapped at each other, didn’t talk and it felt like they were doing stuff on purpose to arger the other.

I can’t help but feeling like the steamy scene was just bait. It was hot, and I’m so happy that Choni stans got it but… if the relationship doesn’t have foundations, was it really worth it? I’m literally asking.

To me, it wasn’t. Sure, they seem happy but they’re not. Cheryl has glossed over every singe one of Toni’s decisions in favour of her own and as soon as Toni wanted to talk and confront her about the issues she was feeling, Cheryl got up and ran off.

Why are they destroying her character like that? I’m just asking. With all the stuff she’s gone through in 3 seasons, there has been ZERO character development.


I’m just sad.

Let’s resume normal programming and let’s talk about Veggie.

Veggie is over, you guys. To be honest, they didn’t even explore their dynamic that much.

And as much as I understand Veronica’s point of view (she had just broken up with Archie, her dad was shot and she has been trying to fight Mommy Dearest and Daddy), I totally get Reggie.

He gave her a lot, his help, his support, his car, his money and more. He stuck with her and in return, he just wanted a little bit more recognition.

He just wants to matter!

Personally, I would have stretched this storyline for one more episode, but the next one is the musical so that woud have been hard.

It all happened so fast!

And now…. Two moments that broke my heart, one that melted it and two Bughead ones that made me appreciate them even more.

YOU GUYS… THE FALICE SCENE!!! FP had tears in his eyes!

“Do you love her, FP?”

“She’s the mother of my children.”

“And me? Do you love me? “

“Doesn’t matter now. It’s over. I’m sorry. “

Alice and FP.



Another moment I absolutely LOVED was Jughead and FP’s honest conversation in the car. I’m impressed by how much he has changed since season 1.

It felt like an honest moment betwen father and son, given the rocky and awful relationship they had at the beginning of the show.

And to finish off… more Bughead.

Listen, I love how supportive of each other they are. I have so little faith in Riverdale and its writers that I was convinced that Betty telling Jughead about his mother’s involment in the Hiram’s Daddy’s former drug empire would have resulted into SO MUCH DRAMA!

Instead he listened and he asked her to let him investigate by himself. She said yes and that was it.

It’s sad that I’m surprised by somthing that should be taken for granted but…

It’s Riverdale.

And then the final scene:

A power-couple that gets turned on by solving mysteries, fighting kingpins and catching murderers.

The two of them against the world.

That’s what I’m here for. More of “Bughead Investigations” please.

Overall this was a great episode. One that I’ll be happy to rewatch again and again.

Ii’m sad about Choni and Falice. Cheryl deserves better. I will be saying until they do something better with her character.

And please, please, please… tell me that Kevin is playing double agent, please. I’m scared for him.

Oh and one more thing: Stop threatening Jughead, Gladys. You don’t care about him or FP. Do us a favour and fucking leave.

The audacity she had when she told Jughead not to tell FP about the drug thing. Sure she has had a hard life, but unlike her husband, she keeps going the wrong way.

It’s better I’ll leave it here or this review won’t ever end. Expect a rant about how much I hate Gladys in an opinion piece during the next Riverdale hiatus.

Did you like the episode? What are your thoughts on Gladys, FP and most of all Choni?

Let’s discuss!

3 thoughts on “Riverdale – s03 ep15 – “Chapter Fifty: American Dreams” – REVIEW

  1. Loved your review!! I also LOVED the scene between Fred and FP. *tears* And the ending with Betty and Jughead was aces.

    I definitely agree that the Cheryl/Toni scene felt like bait. It was so extended and lascivious — it felt kind of exploitative especially given how young these characters are.

    Liked by 1 person

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