Riverdale – s03 ep14 – “Chapter Forty-Nine: Fire Walk With Me” – REVIEW

Before ranting about the show and yelling about how the plot doesn’t make sense, I’d like to take a moment to say goodbye to Luke Perry. My thoughts are with his family and loved ones. He will be truly and deeply missed.

Let’s start off with some madness! Like BADASS BETTY COOPER!

I love her!!! This was amazing!

There are problems with the Serpents, the Pretty Poisons and The Farm.

And who robbed the Riverdale High’s lab? Poor Principal Weatherby. He literally has zero powers.

I feel very sorry for Veronica because she’s caught up between her Daddy and Mrs Jones and she is trying her best to pay them back and at the same time not be exploited by them.

And from a legal point of view, can she actually own a bar? And run it? But she’s so good and badass about it!

Archie finds a kid hiding in the gym and he and Josie bring him to Pop’s. FINALLY ARCHIE IS DOING SOMTHING GOOD! But this kid has the same mark as Archie’s! The sacrifice mark he got in prison and the one they stamped on Joaquin’s forehead. (RIP Joaquin, I miss you.)

I don’t like seeing Cheryl and Toni fight, especially Cheryl’s pettiness. Why are they butchering her character like this? I don’t get it.

By the way, Kevin is a Farmie now.

I love how she changes expression offer after offer. Heart-eyes for Jughead, a grateful smile for Veronica and a weird expression for Archie.

Archie loses the boy, Ricky, again. But he leaves this behind:

And then the whole weird thing with the hand on the flame in the chemistry lab… The fuck is this weird cult?!

I have this theory that Kevin is actually playing double agent and I really really really hope that everything that he has been doing is intended to find out more about the farm and its leader.

Oh and Gladys Jones apparently sings. *epic eye-roll*

I really don’t like this woman and I don’t care if she’s causing trouble in Riverdale. It’s the whole premise of the show but…

if she even dares to look at Bughead weird, the whole fandom will riot.

Betty is such a sweetheart. It was the right decision to talk to Josie! She can tell their parents! And she called the former Sheriff “Mr. Keller”, so we see she’s still now comfortable with the whole thing.

Jughead gives the Serpents a goal: find Ricky. At the same time, Kevin is basically walking on fire. To…. clense? I can’t keep track of this.

And look at what Jughead and Archie find on what I’ve decided to call: “Sacrifice Wall”.

But WAIT! Kevin and Evelyn threatens Betty! And Kevin knows about the Shady Man, the car in the swamp and FP desolving his body in the woods!

JUST LEAVE HER ALONE! LEAVE BETTY ALONE! SHE CAN’T HANDLE ALL OF THIS! I mean, she can because she’s amazing but COME ON!!!

And Kurts-Curtis… What the fuck is the Ghoulies’ name? I don’t care. What I care about is that he tries to kill Fangs.

Veronica keeps being a fucking badass for the entire episode, hiring the Pretty Poisons has security for her Speakeasy.

And we finally learn why the “pretty poisons“ were founded: as an alternative to the serpents because now that mummy dearest is back she controls Jughead, sadly, and Veronica needed somebody else to protect her Speakeasy. Enters the pretty poisons.

Alice has sold the house. An anonymus buyer. People have been saying Gladys bought it but… I don’t know!

Jughead as leader is a bit of a mess but the boy has great ideas! Deputising the Serpents to become partners with the Sheriff’s department. They’ll get paid and they’ll even receive school credit for college!

My boy looks out for his friend’s higher education and that’s adorable. It’s probably one of the first AMAZING ideas they’ve had in 3 seasons.


Ricky was actually Joaquin’s little brother and he was PLAYING the role of the scared little boy when in reality he was there to kill Archie.


It turns out, the kid was only trying to murder him and sacrifice him! It was all a ruse and Archie got screwed and stabbed again.

This poor boy is soooo high fizzle rocks and addicted to G&G!

I’m sorry, Dad. I’m such an idiot.

Archie Andrews


He does one good thing and he is rewarded by a kid swinging a knife at him.
That was so fucking funny.

And I am really scared of what’s going to happen to Betty. She is surrounded by crazy people like her mother and her sister (who by the way tried to drown Alice in the last episode, in case you forgotten). And it’s all unbelievably insane.

But the trio is reunited!


It’s all very interesting dramatic… I don’t know what’s going to happen but this episode was significantly better than the last one.

One thing that I have been thinking about a lot recently is Cheryl’s devastatingly horrible character development. It’s so bad that it’s painful to watch. Take this episode, she acted so passive aggressive and totally disrespected Toni.

I like Cheryl I think she has suffered so much in these three seasons and throughout her entire life given her abusive and horrible parents, that she deserves a better storyline.

She deserves better.

She had become such a wonderful character by the end of season two, and it seems to me like they are trying to do everything they can to tear her apart.

What are your thoughts on the episode? And what do you think about Cheryl’s character development?

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