You’re The Worst – s05 ep09 – “Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Sunday Funday” – REVIEW


Sunday Funday is back!

But first, let’s talk about what I assumed was a flashwforward: Edgar running in the forest, dressed in a tux.

WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT?! And why would he be dressed as in a suit? What’s going on?!! I have so many questions!

Hopefully we’ll get some answers soon.

Lindsay and Edgar have organized a Bachelor/Bachelorette party for Jimmy and Gretchen and guess who got invited?

Paul, Becca and Vernon! YAY!

The disappointmnet on Jimmy and Gretchen’s face was reflective of everbody else’s.

It’s not starting off the in the best possible way. Paul even brewed strawberry pale ale, representatives of Gretchen’s hair color and Jimmy’s super fair complection.

And on top of that… T-SHIRTS!!!

Edgar’s says “PTS Dummy“, Lindsay’s “Walking Hormone”, Vernon’s “Carrot Doc“, Becca’s “Insect with boobs” and Paul’s “Alive Roger Ebert“.

And they’ve made t-shirts for Gretchen and Jimmy as well!

Becca announces she’s pregnant with Paul’s baby and guess what?, Pauls tells Jimmy how it really happened and he tells everybody.

Remember that “Handmaid’s Tale” scene in the last episode? Yeah.

Paul saying: “I impregnated Becca. Direct-deposit method. With my member.” was so awkward! Who says “member“?! With a tune!


Lindsay is of course pissed at Becca for sleeping with her ex husband and she has not been immune to her awfulness in the past.

Jimmy is scared that marriage will change them, while Gretchen is open to change and to evolve as a person.

But guess who they find at the liquor store? Edgar’s boss Paul F. Tompkins.

And he starts asking Jimmy and Gretchen questions about having kids (she wants them, he does not) and it gets tense.

She confronts him about not changing and being set in his ways.

And guess what? He reveals to the whole bus the S-ing a D ordeal that happpened.


Edgar accuses Paul F. Tompkins of sabotaging the whole night. They are in the middle of nowhere with no cell reception and no ore fuel in the tank.

Things are pretty bad.

Edgar ends up pushing him off the bus and Paul F. faints.

Vernon is useless as usual and as they pat him down, they find a gun.

A GUN!!!

And Edgar points it at him!!! THIS IS SO INTENSE!!!

But as soon as Vernon gets near Paul Tompkins and says: “I’ll take care of him.”, he gets himself stabben in the neck!


Paul Tompkins starts ranting about killing them all. “It’s all self defence!!!” He goes towards Edgar and Jimmy shoots him!

And as he attacks Jimmy, Gretchen fires two more shots!

And Paul Tompkins is fucking dead!

And as soon as Lindsay opened her mouth, I started to suspect something was wrong.

It was just an elaborate prank on Jimmy and Gretchen!

You let us murder someone!



And I truly truly loooooooooooved the final scenes with Jimmy and Edgar.
It showed the true frendship between the two of them, which is usually masked behind horrible insults.

I called you some truly awful things in the past year. You could have just ended it all. […] And still, you chose not to kill yourself. Bravo, Edgar.

Jimmy actually asks Edgar for help! That was so sweet! And now they are co-writing Jimmy’s book adaptation together!

But before the episode ends, Edgar drops a truth bomb: Gretchen has been stealing his medications and this time, it’s not for fun.

WHAT A GREAT EPISODE!!! I loved it! Sunday Funday themed episode are usually so unbelievably crazy and this one did not disappoint.

I’m looking forward to see what will happen and if you’re going to get an happy ending.

And by that I don’t necessarily mean Jimmy and Gretchen getting married.

Do you have any theories? What do you think will happen? How intense was this episode?!

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