Brooklyn99 – s06 ep08 – “He Said, She Said” – REVIEW

Brooklyn99 has neve shyed away from heavy topics. From homophobia and racial profiling to coming out to your family.

But this week, it’s a big one. It’s an episode that centers about the #MeToo movement and it’s not easy to watch.

But Lang Fisher, who wrote the episode, was absolutely brilliant in perfectly balancing the comedy and the very very important and serious moments.

With Jake and Amy (and a little bit of Rosa) focusing on a sexual assault case and Holt, Terry and Charles revisiting one of the Captain’s most famous arrests: The Disco Strangler.

They found the right mix of the comedy aspect of it and the serious one. In true Brooklyn99 fashion, Jake’s antics bring a lighter tone to what it would have been an otherwise pretty heavy 21 minutes of television.

The jokes were tasteful and they meant something. They were mostly related to the topic, without rending it out of place.

It’s important to remember that Brooklyn99 is a comedy. But like they have done numerous times in the past, they are able to find a merge together such different tones.

Last but not least… Stephanie Beatriz directed this episode!!! YOU GO, GIRL!!! Her directorial debut!

Amy and Jake

There are so many important scenes in this episode I don’t even know where to begin.

Amy and Jake’s conversation in the break room with Rosa stuck with me.

It shows that not all women have the same perspecting about an issues, personal background has to be taken into consideration as well as their own beliefs.

In the episode, you see three types of women and their reactions: the victim, who was ready to sign an NDR; Rosa, the realistic one, especially regarding the consequences; and Amy, who wanted to bring the asshole to justice no matter what.

Jake’s naivety was portrayed perfectly. He just doesn’t fully understand what it means and his role in the episode is to listen and to educate himself. To be more aware of what goes on for women on a daily basis.

This is truly the perfect example.

He said: “I shouldn’t be here.” and then: “Or should I be here because men are a part of the conversation”. AND THAT’S IMPORTANT!

And men are supposed to be involved in this conversation. It’s their fault this is happening and us women should welcome their support in this fight. If they see someone participating in toxic masculinity or being an overall dick, they should be our allies in telling others: This is not okay. This is how you can learn and be a better person.

Amy’s retelling of her own sexual assault was a perfect. And Melissa gave a terrific performance.

I liked they showed people like Beefer, who doesn’t care about this movement and he is just helping them for his own interests. Because sadly, there are a lot of people who are hitching themselves to this wagon for their own personal agenda and not because it’s the right thing to do.

In the end, the episode wants to tell us that even though justice was served and the assaulter was charged, for the survivor, life don’t go on like it used to.

Carrie had to quit her job because of it. There are consequences to a matter of this kind.

Going back to the “educate yourself” point I made before: Jake educated himself. He watched a documentary on Netflix.

And I also want to shine a light on two important quotes at the end of the episode:

Two steps forward and one step back is still one step forward.



We can be different and have the same cause


I hope you’ll remember them, because to me, it feels like they are pretty important.

Holt, Terry and Charles

I loved that Holt has talked so much about the Disco Strangler that everybody knows the full story by heart.

I love when they show Holt behaving kind of “out of character” for him. Like when he was being all passive aggressive because Jake told him Terry’s wife Sharon felt uncomfortable being about him.

And here he laughs at tragedies. But we get to hear “PUNK!” again and to see him rocking his ’80s mustache!

And apparently, Gina’s teaching stuck because his zingers are amazing:


Give Andre Braugher an Emmy, you cowards.

Honorable Mentions

“Sir, I am the first to tell the capability of senior citizens. I’m made love to many.” – CHARLES!!!!! He is so weird and I love him for this.

Holt’s Hilarious Catchphrases:

“Oh, it’s not just any old string. It’s a yoyo string. The most dangerous part of the yoyo. AND HE SAYS IT TWICE!!!

“Lace up your dancing shoes because it’s time to catch this Disco bastard!”

“This disco man has danced his last… disco dance.”

“All troops. Travel in two. Keep your eyes open. And for God’s sake. Protect the neck!”

What are your thoughts on the episode? Let’s start a conversation.

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