You’re The Worst – s05 ep08 – “The Pillars of Creation” – REVIEW

It’s all about Becca, Vernon and Paul!

I’m not a fan of these episodes… at least, I didn’t really like the one in season 3. These types of episodes focused only on secondary characters rarely work and it’s hard for me to like them.

But this one was SO GOOD!

Becca and Vernon visit Paul at his family residence. Apparently, they are all space aficionados and they are planning to watch a lunar eclipse. It all seems idyllic and perfect! 

Weirdly so… 

It feels like a scene from “Get Out”. I was expecting all to go incredibly wrong.

In case you forgot, Paul wants to have a child and he has asked Becca to be the surrogate. But they are scamming him to get the money they need after Vernon fucked up his job.

Watching Vernon swimming was probably the highlight of the episode! 
But they end up telling him they faked the insemination! 

“There were mistakes made on both sides”


Ehm… Where did I hear that before? 

*cough Donald Trump after last year’s Charlottesville events*

Ew!!! Becca offered to have actual sex with Paul! That’s… ew.

Her and Vernon’s marriage makes me so sad. It’s so depressing! They just hate each other so much. 

She married him only because he was a doctor, he had money and she wanted to make Jimmy jealous. That’s so fucking sad. 

But their loving moment, at the end of it all, was actually cute. Even if their relationship is complicated and toxic, deep down there is still some sort of love between them.

And then it turned sexual. 

I mean… This is “You’re The Worst”. What was I expecting?!

The “Handmaid’s Tale” moment was hilarious! It’s so ridiculous and definitely something they would be open to. Because they’re three of the most disgusting people on Earth.

No, but seriously… What was that?! I mean, who am I to judge people’s personal lives? If it works for them, great! 

Buuuuut… it was still weird.

Overall, I can’t believe how much I loved this episode.

I wasn’t that excited about it, because like Stranger Things season 2 episode 7 taught us, they usually never work. But this did! It was actually very very good. I loved the insight on Vernon, Becca and Paul, especially since this is the final season.

I was hoping they would show a flash forward with Jimmy and Gretchen because I’m so curious to find out what the hell is happening! But now, thinking about it, it wouldn’t have made sense. 


The music in this episode. Absolutely majestic. It gave the perfect tone to the entire episode. It probably made an already great episode 10 times better. 

I loved the cinematography, especialy the way the scenes were shot. Kudos to the director!

I’m still scared about what the future holds for Gretchen and Jimmy. All those flashforwards still haunt me.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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