You’re The Worst – s05 ep07 – “Zero Eggplants” – REVIEW

Ok… This episode was A LOT. And Aya Cash proves herself to be a mesmerizing dramatic actress once more.

And I love the cinematography on this show!

Starting off with a look at the future:

She’s not drinking, her and Lindsay seem to have a normal relationship, apparently “he” is going to be there and I’m just terrified of what will happen next.

Last week, we left off Jimmy telling Gretchen about the JB and she’s obviously still mad.

While cake tasting, they meet another couple, Rachel and Quinn, and they hit it off! They both seem terrible people just like them.

Jimmy is trying to make it up to her and she tells him: he either leaves her alone or he can go…. well… perform oral sex on a guy.

But the most important thing happens…


But he starts spiralling!

Gretchen gets close to Rachel and he is super nervous about making this relationship last. And when she confides in Jimmy, he comes out with such a vile and ignorant question:

Do you need to up your medication dosage maybe?


I would have punched him in the face, if I were Gretchen. And you can see Gretchen’s anger form in her eyes.

I can’t praise Aya’s performance enough. She is absolutely fantastic.

But this relationship with Rachel changes her. You can clearly see it in the way she dresses and how she styled her hair.

Quinn introduces Jimmy to an app to hook up with guys

“It’s like Postmates for penises”

This made me laugh just as much as Jimmy’s duck lips pose.

Gretchen really opens up to Rachel, even talking about having children and her depression.

Babies? I don’t know. I like them when they’re dressed up like animals but… […] I don’t know if I should be a mother. I have a mental thing. How should we call it? Clinical depression?!


She even flinches away from Rachel’s hug and being Gretchen, she tries to steal a broach.

Once you’re in, you’re in for life.


And although this makes Gretchen cry and hug her, it’s clear that there’s something going on here.

Jimmy find a guy so he can S his D but it’s awkward as fuuuuck! Chris Geere played it beautifully! It was so uncomfortable to watch!

And the app’s rating system is in eggplants! And he gets ZERO EGGPLANTS!!! That was fucking hilarious. πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†

Buuuuuut he ends up S-ing Quinn’s D.
And I knew that was how it was going to end and it was WEIRD!!!!


Another scene that left me puzzled was Gretchen’s reaction to Jimmy’s dick news.

And this is where it gets confusing. After the hard break, are we in the future? Is it the following night? But Gretchen calls Jimmy her husband!

But to sum up, Gretchen has a major freakout at dinner. It seems like this new friendship is not good for her.

Eh, she was too much for me.


It feels like they have matured so much lately and this kind of sets them back. Especially when we see Gretchen sneaking out of bed in the middle on the night,

SEASON 2 FLASHBACKS with Gretchen crying in her car at the top of the hill and playing Snakes on her phone.

… going into Edgar’s bathroom and taking a bunch of PTSD medications.


And this is how the episode ends. We know Gretchen survives this apparent suicide attempt but….



Speaking of, why did Gretchen sudenly feel Rachel was too much? I have to say, I’m glad she pushed away the friends she barely knew, instead of Jimmy. But I thought she had finally found a normal girlfriend to actually talk to and instead, she’s taking meds.

I’m so scared and curious to see where this is all going to end. Hopefully not with me in tears, trying not to punch the TV.

And I’m glad they talked about Gretchen’s depression again. In the future, it seems like she is taking care of herself, not drinking alcohol and living a healthier life.

I just hope she’s finally happy.

What are your thoughts on this episode? Do you think Jimmy and Gretchen are good for each other? Will they end up together? Do you have any theories?
Let’s talk!

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