Brooklyn99 – s06 ep07 – “The Honeypot” – REVIEW

Hands down my favourite episode of season 6 so far.

I loved it! Andre Braugher is a gift to the world of comedy and I love him. SO FREAKING MUCH!

Cold Open


At The Precinct…

I loved how the entire precinct was involved in this! And it was another perfect occasion for Amy to show off her controlling and neat-freak tendencies.

Not even Marie Kondo can save them:

“I want to be featured as Organizer of the Month”

Oh Amy!

But I loved Terry’s obsession with the suspenders and the reason for not throwing them away!

I want him to succeed and be happy!!!

And was there any doubt Rosa was an archer?!

Jake & Holt

Whenever they get Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher together, you know it’s going to be a great episode!

It was so funny! From the barrels to the Captain’s blunt statement about his sex life and the Thomas Cruise movies.

This was hilarious. There was nothing going on and to him it was the biggest deal ever.

He’s been strutting around like a peacock, trying desperately to arouse me, his unwilling peahen.

Captain Holt

One of the funniest things to me is when the Captain seems to despise Jake’s stupid theories and then he gets way into them.

@amez-santiago on Tumblr created these and it’s AMAZING

Drum rolling Holt-Style, with the precision of a metronome

It was such a fun episode! With amazing jokes, one liners and reactions! Carol Klob who wrote the episode did an amazing job!


These two have such great chemistry together! And the whole thing at the Barrel museum! Like… WHY?!? WHY WOULD YOU CREATE A BARREL MUSEUM!? Why?!?

Kevin even banished Holt in the guest bedroom! I would have loved to see Kevin again! MARC EVAN JACKSON, you’re not recording The Good Place The Podcast episodes anymore! Please come back to Brooklyn99!

But don’t worry, everything was great at the end! As Jake put it:

But it’s not over with the barrels…


He loves his wife so much he is even wiling to bring her to a museum! I love amazing character development like this!

Suffice to say, I LOOOOOOOOVED this episode. It is probably my favourite so far, along with the premiere!

How fun was this episode? Let me know your thoughts on it down below

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