Suits – s08 ep 15 – “Stalking Horse” – REVIEW

So…. yeah…. No.

I was so excited to watch Suits last night. Last week’s episode was fantastic and I thought my show had become good again.

But I was tricked. I was fooled.

Because this episode was a mess and it made me angry. Donna’s carelessness and weird impulsiveness put Harvey in a compromising position and at the same time, she hurt his feelings.

I don’t understand why they can’t write a drama with good character development. I’m confused, enraged and most of all, tired of this bullshit.

Anyway… Let’s get into it.

My thoughts after the first two minutes:

“Wait… what’s happening… No… Wait..”

Harvey & Donna

I had to rewind it! Thomas’ company is expanding and this Simon guy wants… Thomas to rent something? What? I don’t get the business side of it is and what the problem is but I’m up for the confusing ride. And honestly, I don’t care.

I think there’s a lot of subliminal messages like Harvey saying:

“I don’t take the relationship with our firm lightly”

Did you mean “with Donna”? LOL.

But this Simon guy screwed them over! And now Thomas and his business are in some deep shit.

And we meet Donna’s mom! YAY!

“Actually, both sides include someone I care about”

Yeah, no shit.

*epic eyeroll*

But it was the ending that killed me!

You are upset because I chose Thomas over you.

The only reason I was breaking my back to save this deal, is because I know how much he means to you. You didn’t give me a chance to fix it when you said you would. You lost faith in me. For all the time that we’ve been together that has never happened.


Harvey’s client dropped him and how he is suing him! And guess who offered his services for free? Daniel Fucking Hardman.

So every possible Darvey thing that could have happened in the next episode, has gone down the toiler.

See you in season 9, Darvey! (Maybe. It’s unlikely. There’s almost zero probability. Oh well, we’re used to it.)

Louis and Samantha

Baby shopping with Louis and Sheila! 

“Paternity magazine” AHAHAHAAH I love that Louis is so into this stuff. 

The last lineup I saw was this:

So I was waiting for them to break into song. 


Anyway, I liked this arch! I forgot he was mugged (in episode 4 apparently, as @vickster51 reminded me!).

I love that they showed Louis’ emotions. It’s so important to give toxic masculinity the middle finger, especially by showing a powerful lawyer expressing his emotions. Also…


Isn’t everybody in America cashless now? 1,000$ is a lot of money!

And there’s they still haven’t explained Samantha’s backstory. They give us snippets and they leave everything almost unsaid.

But it was nice to see her and Louis team up!


Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh… I’m sorry Amanda Schull. I’m sorry you’re stuck in his horrible plotline.

Her and Brian’s friendship was so sweet at the beginning! And they they ruined it!

WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA!? This happened three episodes ago and I’m still not over it.

Their weird non-sexual chemistry is weird as hell.And how we’re talking about maths and algorithms.

Nah thanks. 

I give zero shits about this. 

I. Just. Don’t. Care. 

The smiles, smirks and all this shit makes me wanna barf.
Now I’m angry. All of this fucking mess just for him to leave?! They did this for nothing. NOTHING. It was useless. They could have used these episodes to explore Katrina’s character.

But no, let’s do a terribly awkward semi-romantic storyline. Uuuuuuugh.

Next episode is called “Harvey” and I don’t know what to think anymore. I’m just tired. Tired of being teased and messed around.

Next season will have 10 episodes and I guarantee you: if there’s even a single chance for Darvey to be together, it will happen in the last minute of 9×10. And it will be disappointing.

What are your thoughts in this episode? Do you think there’s a small chance for something Darvey related to happen in the next episode? If you’re a non-Darvey fan, what would you like to see in season 9?

Le’ts chat!

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