Suits – s08 ep13 – “The Greater Good – REVIEW

Get ready to be shocked:

I actually liked this episode.

I did. It was fun, there was some Darvey-season-2-Stephen-Hunter-vibe and I LOVED IT.

It was fun, there were a lot of recurring characters and old faces! From Sean Cahill, the guy who was in prison with Mike and the trader guy!

Totally forgot about it, but apparently Donna, Harvey and Mike made a shady deal with Stu, the trader guy who rented PSL when Mike went to prison and everybody left the firm.

And this “deal” was super illegal. And now this Stu guy is getting blackmailed by an asshole and the entire firm is working to help him.

Aside from Katrina and Brian because they’re still dealing with the sniffling of the arm and the overwhelming sexual tension which I did not feel, by the way.

And we get to know more of Samantha’s past when her former foster mother knocks at her door asking for help.

Oh, and Sheila is back. I really liked her when she first appeared at the beginning. I was so happy Louis found someone as eccentric and as into law stuff as he is, but I can’t say I’m a fan of her manipulating behavior.

Katrina figured out a way for her and Brian not to work together that didn’t shit all over his career and… I’m still mad. This is Katrina’s whole arch in season 8. Poor Amanda Schull went from the wonderful season 4 of “12 Monkeys” to this.

It’s unacceptable.

And Sean Cahill comes back as well! I missed his white hair and piercing blue eyes! I like the whole banter / hatred / rivalry he has going on with Harvey.

Uh! I loved Donna briefly mentioned her history with Harvey and that she explicitly said she has “moved on” and that she’s dating someone she doesn’t work with.

Like… in case you forgot this happened:



But it doesn’t matter now! Because she’s happy with Thomas and SHE DESERVES TO BE!

Oh, this happened:

I missed Sassy Bitch Harvey!


This episode felt like we had gone back to the old days, the days before season 7.

How I miss that time in my life! A less angry version of me that was able to watch Suits without having a mental breakdown after every episode.

Harvey reached out to Donna for drinks but she didn’t answer, he called Mike and he found his voicemail and he is left all alone, drinking his precious scotch.

If all of this wasn’t his own fault, I’d feel sadder for him. But it seems like everybody has moved on, everybody has a life outside the firm and he doesn’t.

He isn’t even managing partner anymore. He’s just lonely and alone.

For the first time in a while, I’m excited to see where this is going. I feel like there might be some Darvey turmoil coming up and I hope it’s not just baiting.

I can’t deal with it.

Did you like the episode? Do you think Donna’s relationship will last? What will happen next?

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