You’re The Worst – s05 ep06 – “This Brief Fermata” – REVIEW

The more this season goes on, the more terrified I get.

In our weekly glimpse into the future, we see Jimmy’s empty house and the movers taking out the last item left there. The vending machine Jimmy and Gretchen stole why super high on some crazy drug.

And what happens in this episode is probably an indication of what we will ,hopefully, eventually see in the future.

My brain is refusing to accept You’re the Worst is going to end badly.

Quick reminder: Jimmy got a BJ in a dirty bathroom at a heavy metal concert and this entire episode is basically him trying to break even with Gretchen.

He proposes a “Fuck Week”.

7 Days

No strings attached.

They can fuck whoever they want.

And Of course Gretchen is super into it, but it turns out… She likes her job. She likes working and just like her boss said, if she tries she can accomplish a lot.

I love when episodes are divided into the main character’s different points of view and I loved they did it here.

While Lindsay and Edgar play secondary characters, the focus is entirely on our two favourite despicable people, Jimmy and Gretchen.

From her perspective, Jimmy comes home day after day having hooked up with a different “rando” while she prepares for an important pitch.

She’s trying to sign the weird rapper she randomly found on the internet, whose strickingly yellow teeth still haunt me, hours after having scene the episode.

And just like her, we believe Jimmy sexcapades are real.

But as soon as the point of view is shifted, it’s clear Jimmy is making all of it up.

He has no boundaries and he is super weird. He even puts lipstick on to then leave a mark on the collar of his shirt.

The ending of the episode should have been sweet: neither of them spelt with any randos and they both realised they only want to sleep with each other.


Jimmy messes up and reveals the whole idea of a “fuck week” was so that she would also sleep with somebody else, therefore rendering them even.

And we see the hurt in Gretchen’s eyes. Aya Cash is a fantastic dramatic actress. In the episodes in season 2 that dealt with depression, she was absolutely stunning.

You’re The Worst helped me in a time in my life I was completely lost.

It made me realise my feelings were real, they were important and it showed me somebody else who felt like I did.

This is why this show will always hold a special place in my heart. And in this scene, at the end of the episode, we see the pain behind Gretchen’s eyes. We see how hurt she felt by Jimmy’s actions, despite her cheerful reaction.

It reminded me of their early interactions in season 4 after he abandoned her after the proposal.

I’m terrified I’ll get hurt by the upcoming episodes and I don’t know if I can deal with it.

Overall, I loved the episode. I really did. At times, You’re The Worst takes huge risks that I miss season 1 and 2. But the journey they have been on is symbolic and important.

They made each other just a little bit better, they helped each other improve and learn how to care about their careers and the people they love. Well, kinda.

What do you think will happen? Did you like the episode? Do you think these glimpses into the future will show them broken up?

Tell me your theories and let’s chat!

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