Why Archie’s Season 3 Storylines Are an Unwatchable Mess – Opinions & Comments

I have never been a fan of Archie.

From the moment he appeared on my screen, I’ve disliked him. I just can’t deal with him.

Every decision he makes is as if the writers purposefully asked themselves:

Is this the worst decision we could possibly make him take? Yes? PERFECT! Let’s build a full-season arch about this bullshit we just came up with.

All writers in the writers room, all the time

I understand they want him to feel like the normal idiotic teenager who is still learning about life and how the world works… but at the same time, you can’t have him deal with the mob, a murder trial, prison, and a fucking bear.

I like KJ. Not my type at all. But I like him.

Now that I’ve cleared this up, a PSA moment: I have written another Riverdale opinion piece all about Archie and his idiocy: Why Archie Andrews is an Idiot: A Rant-y and Not At All Bias Opinion Piece. Give it a read!

The Clearing of the Consciousness

This is actually one of the few things I have enjoyed about his extremely limited character development.

He went from being brainwashed by Hiram to owning up to his mistakes and pleading guilty to a murder he didn’t commit.

I appreciated he wanted to be better, to own up to what he did… but it all escalated pretty quickly in revenge and some other bullshit involving feverish dreams, murdering Hiram and himself.

I just… I can’t.


They put him in prison just to have him escape after a couple of episodes.


One of the main complaints I have had about this season is that it all happens too fucking quickly.

Sure, he didn’t commit the murder but he was complicit in all of Hiram’s illecit activities, he did some shady stuff.

You can’t just say you’ll try to redeem yourself and then not do it.

The Escape

They got him out of prison. Okay. I’ve accepted that. What confused me was that he broke up with Veronica and in the following episode, he was already totally over it and ready to smooch with Laurie, the girl from the farm.

Which of course, kiss whoever you want whenever you want. I don’t care.

But you’re trying to sell me this great love between Archie and Veronica and then the writers do something like this.

She fought for him, she went against his father and quote “we’re endgame” unquote.

I don’t know what to think anymore. The problems is always the same: it all moves too quickly.


Let them experience feelings and emotions.

The Bear





To use one of my favourite Lili Reinhart reaction gifs:

Not just because of what happened… I’m speechless that somebody thought of this, pitched it, wrote it in a screen, the showrunner read it, okay-ed it, showed it to the CW executives and they were like….. sure! Perfectly normal.

Like, what the fuck?!

It’s so over the top! Couldn’t they have him eat a poisonous berry that gave him the same halllucinations? And slowly slowly poisoned him?

I would have hated it but SO MUCH LESS THAN HIS.

WHAT IS THIS?! I just can’t. This is probably Riverdale’s low point and I am sure we will eventually descend even lower.

It’s Riverdale.

The Drinking

I wrote an article in January called: “Shock Value Trumps Good Storytelling and It’s Sad” and this is exactly what happened here and has been happening for 3 seasons.

They showed Archie hiding booze in his bedroom, then we saw him getting drunk at his girlfriend’s speakeasy whose bartender is another guy his age.

If this doesn’t get explored further in upcoming episodes I’ll be really pissed. They’ve kind of talked about FP’s alcoholism and his disease but this is a 16-year-old kid.

Drinking underage is not just illegal. Sure, having one drink doesn’t kill you but regularly getting drunk is dangerous. It messes up your brain, a brain that is still developing. It can seriously affect your health and your growth.

Moreover… was it really necessary to include this, but absolutely NEVER talking about Cheryl’s suicide attempt in season 1?

They very briefly mentioned it the premiere of season 3 and that’s it. I am even more convinced that good storytelling is utterly optional on this show.

Do you agree with me? Or am I being to annoying and picky about a character I dislike?

Which is pretty ironic considering he is the main protagonist of the show.

Is he though?

Leave me a comment down below! Tell me the storyline you hated the most on season 3!

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