You’re The Worst – s05 ep04 – “What Money?” – REVIEW

The worst people in Los Angeles are back!

As well as Vernon, Becca and Paul! These people are so dysfunctional and problematic!

But what shocked me the most was THE ENDING

What WAS the ending?!? I am terrified!

As a person who is not very comfortable with sex and all sex-related things, Gretchen and Jimmy’s bedroom antics are so uncomfortable for me to watch!

It’s so explicit!

If you’re not already convinced they are the literal worst, Gretchen tricks the Lyft drivers into waiting for her by saying she is disabled.

Why would anyone do this?! It’s so despicable!

Jimmy gets sent a check for 700.000$ and immediately every person he knows is at his door asking him to either invest it in them or to simply give it to them.

And his reaction to receiving the check is amazing. He keeps hiding it and then changing his mind with a panicked and terrified expresssion of his face.

And why would Jimmy buy a drone? And IMMEDIATELY lose it.

Paul is back and just as creepy as before. The fact that he has such a calm and put together appearance completely throws me off as soon as he opens his mouth.

That guy gives me the creeps. Becca and Vernon’s marriage is a whole other thing and I can’t quite decide if deep deep deep depp down they like each other. I’m not saying “love”, that’ll be too much.

I laughed so much when they introduced Honey Nutz 2. The other two both hate him and it’s hilarious they replaced one member of the group and forced him to be called Honey Nutz 2.

This show is so stupid.

And Gretchen’s stupid park party to tell them she is handing them off to Lindsay actually works.

And it turns out, Lindsay is a great PR!

Jimmy ends up telling Gretchen about the money and her reaction is unpredictable.

Jimmy! If I cared about money, I would have married Ty or any of the other countless rich guys I’ve banged. I’m not horney for stuff, dummy. Never have been. I’m just a bottomless pit of need for constant male validation.


While Sam, Shitstain, Becca, Vernon and Paul are fighting for Jimmy’s money, he pays off the mortgage to his house.

A romantic gesture, an investment in their relationship and their upcoming marriage.

He even buys her a car! Since she destroyed hers a couple of episodes ago. Just to make her mugging story more believable.



What is happening?!? Are they divorced in the future? WHY!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!! I’m scared!

I don’t like this! I really don’t!

Seriously… what do you think that is all about? Will Jimmy and Gretchen get married and then break out? Will they EVEN get married?

I need the next episode NOW!

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