Suits – s08 ep11 – “Rocky 8” – REVIEW – Winter Premiere

It’s back!

Suits is back and I don’t think I’m ready to be disappointed again.


I always talk about how much I love the women’s clothes but I don’t pay much attention to the men.

Harvey looks amazing in blue and black but I don’t think grey is his color. Sorry. But look at him with his sleeves rolled up!

Harvey is fighting with Malek and yadi yadi. Also, I did not care about the boxer’s story. Not one bit.

What intrigued me was Harvey’s relationship with Robert Zane. I feel like they need some comedy and light-hearted bits but there’s no Mike to bounce off of. So they threw Robert in the mix.

And it’s not the same thing. I really like Robert and he is an interesting character, but… find something else. The movie-reference / quick banter bit was Mike and Harvey’s.

It was theirs. Not Harvey and Robert’s.

Also, they have mentioned Jessica countless times but no Mike. Maybe once in the previous 10 episodes. What is that?! I get that they want to advertise Jessica’s new show, but this is so cheap.

And can I just say? Harvey inviting Robert to his house to watch a movie felt soooooo middle school and… No.


Donna looks amazing once again. How is she so flawless?!

And she has a new love interest! One of Louis’ most devoted clients: Thomas Kessler.

There’s no need to say it. I don’t like this one bit. I need my DARVEY endgame and that’s what I’m here for.

I liked how they showed that even Donna can make mistakes when dealing with people. They have always shown her being perfectly able to read people and behave accordingly.

In this episode, though, she snaps at Louis and yells at him! Which is nothing out of the ordinary despite the fact that he is now managing partner!

I loved how she appologized at the end and… needless to say:

I would have loved to join her, Gretche, Katrina and Samantha for drinks.


I loved seeing Louis strutting in like a boss, dancing and high-fiving everybody. I loved it. Finally, he has the title he has always dreamt of.

And they really mimiced it from this scene:


And the scene where is talks to himself in the mirror was FANTASTIC! I loved it! Rick Hoffman is so incredibly talented!

Samantha, Katrina & Alex

Last episode we left off Katrina impersonating Samantha to help Alex solve his case.

And the repercussions are dire. Especially for Katrina. She doesn’t want to be the type of lawyer who breaks the rules, like Robert, Harvey or Samantha.

She strives to be more like Louis and FINALLY she gets a good storyline that empowers her!

For a moment I was scared they were going to pit them against each other and I knew I would have hated it.

I’m excited to see what happens next and how they are going to end this season.

I’m here for Donna and Thomas’ storyline and, of course, Harvey’s reaction to all of this.

There are rumours about Scottie coming back and no matter how much I like Abigain Spencer, I do not want to see her back on the show.


What did you think of the episode? What do you think is going to happen in the following episodes! Let’s talk!

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