Brooklyn99 – s06 ep03 – “The Tattler” – REVIEW

Another week, another amazing Brooklyn99 episode! There are LITERALLY no words to describe how much I adore this show.


I’ve been patiently waiting for this episode and I LOVED IT!

But first of all I need to freak about one thing: ALICIA AND ROSA COULDN’T MAKE IT WORK?!? NOOOOOOOOO! GINA RODRIGUEZ!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

I’m heartbroken. Let’s get on with the episode…

Jake, Gina & Amy


Jake is offended and so over the fact they called him “tattler” in Senior Year. He is so cute in his washed-out jeans and horrible jumper. I love him.

Jake’s ideal of being cool: long hair and an earring. I love how pure he is.

And they addressed the whole teenagers-losing-their virginity-at-an-alarmingly-young-age-isn’t-cool but, as Gina put it, horrifying.

The writers one this show are magnificent.

Gina’s lies are so over the top and so obvious that it’s impossible nobody figured it out. She is amazing and I’m going to miss her so much!

Horny!Amy is mood. I mean… with a husband like Jake it’s totally understandable.

I love how unapologetically horny and turned on she is.

She LOOOOOVES Jake’s perfect attendance and how much community service he did.


Another great Gina Linetti idea!

“It’s like Tinder but for toddlers.”

“I like it. How are you gonna spell that? How many Es?”



Gina Linetti

One of Gina’s idea gets the attention of an investor and Jake sabotages it when he finds out Gina was the one who actually “tattled” to the Principal and had the most popular kid suspended.

I love how, despite being a bully, Gina is such a softy. She tattled to protect Jake from a group of people that would have probably ruined his life.

She appologises and at the end of the episode they have such a nice moment.

She is fiercely loyal. She will do the right thing for you, even when you can’t see it for yourself. And she saved my ass countless times. […] Do the world a favour and invest in Gina Linetti.



Jake’s support for her is overwhelming and I love them.

I’m so sad Gina is leaving!!! I’ll cry so much next week!

Holt, Terry, Hitchcock & Scully

They first thing that came to mind when I heard the radio show was Parks and Rec’s “Crazy Ira and the Douche”!

Terry, Hitchcock and Scully drag in Holt in their search of the object that makes a particular crunchy noise for this radio contest and it’s hilarious.

It’s a crinckle. I solved it.

Captain Holt

He was so sure of himself here. However, the most shocking thing was that Scully had guessed it correctly! It was a bag of chips!

Rosa & Charles

Rosa and Charles are trying to make her choose between the two people she is seeing. His 300 questions are literally everything I would aspect from Boyle and I love it.

At one point Rosa is even hanging upside down!

“Ok… now open your eyes and the person you were meant to be with should appear before you…”

Aaaaaaaaaand it’s Hitchcock!


  • Thor 4: More Thor
  • “Are they checking the Emergency Broadcasting System?” – Only Captain Holt would be thrilled by this.
  • “Productivity is what makes things fun! It’s why people go to work!”
  • Rosa “grams” about going to brunch and she has a line of home-made jewellery
  • “What are you waiting for, Jeffords?! Call the Horn Dog!”

“It’s a bag of potato chips”

“Don’t be an idiot! It’s a bag of corn chips!”

Hitchcock and Scully
Two dancing idiots.

Seeing Jake, Amy and Gina in their best 90s fashion was EVERYTHING! I can’t believe how good Melissa Fumero looked!

I’m not ready for next week’s episode. I don’t want to say goobye to Gina. She is the Paris of People, the human form of the 100 emoji!

I just… I’ll go cry in the bathroom.

If you want to chat Brooklyn99, I’m always here!

Tweet at me, find me on Tumblr or send me an email.



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