You’re The Worst – s05 ep03 – “The One Thing We Don’t Talk About” – REVIEW

Last week I had a blast watching these terrible people deciding to get hitched! I’ll be reviewing all of “You’re The Worst“‘s 5th and final season so stick around for more!


Of course Jimmy and Gretchen would be trying to time how long it takes them to have sex. Just to practice for their wedding reception because they HAVE to have sex the night of their wedding and they KNOW they’ll be too drunk at the end of the party.

Typical Gretchen and Jimmy.

And of course, the venue is the location of a creepy unsolved murder of three sisters that happened a long time ago. So Gretchen.

Jimmy also finds out of Gretchen’s 70 credit cards and her potential enormous debt.

You don’t need to pay off credit cards. When one stops working, you just get another. […] Who cares!? It’s not real! It’s just some numbers on a computer somewhere!


We see Edgar at work and his creepy boss with an obsession over soup and a really really murderous vibe asks him to become his mentee.

I loved the way the creator of the show Stephen Falk, who directed this episode, shot the scene. The camera was so close to his face and this particular frame made me IMMEDIATELY think of Sam Esmail’s Mr Robot.

She has to go hire her replacement and her methods are, of course, without logic.

Gretchen doesn’t want her mom to come to her wedding but Lindsay convinces her to. This is not gonna end well.

“What is the one thing we don’t talk about?”

“Politics, Math, what happened between you and Matthew Perry, Coachella and… your bitch mom.”

Gretchen and Lindsa

And of course Gretchen is angry at the post millennials:

These post-millenials with their high GPAs and multiple internships. As if

being smart and working for years for free means you deserve an actual job!


Jimmy is trying to pitch his idea for the movie adaptation of his book and the film producers are trying to make Kitty the protagonist instead of Simon.

They like how raw, messy and “realistic” she is.

“I hate Kitty!

“What he means is that he hates Kitty because he hates himlself!

“WRONG!!! I love myself! I hate Kitty!”

Jimmy and Edgar

I would really like to know more about Jimmy’s book because it sounds like garbage, so inappropriate, disgusting…. and I want to read it.

So instad of confronting her feelings and hiring one of these poor girls, she makes up “tests” and fake interviewes and acts like the worst client one could possibily have.


One of the assistants helps her after she got wayyyy to drunk and does the job perfectly. But Gretchen obviously doens’t pick her.

And he gets Jimmy the job!

But apparently he is not happy? For some reason.

I have to write a screenplay now!

I don’t get Jimmy. He is so weird. Why is he mad!

Edgar’s weird boss makes him eat a ton of sandwiches while he films him and it’s uncomfortable!

Jimmy books the murder venue (YAAAY) and Gretchen finally calls her mom and it all goes well! They talk, they laugh…

And the only reason is:

I love this show. I love it so much. It’s so inappropriate and disgusting and weird and fun.




I can’t wait for next week!

Do you think Gretchen and Jimmy WILL get married? Will we see Gretchen’s parents again? As well as Jimmy’s sisters?

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