Suits 8B Trailer – Reactions, Opinions and Comments

It’s back. The bane of my existence. They have released the new Suits promo for the upcoming second part of season 8.

I’ve reviewed the second part of season 7 of Suits and the first part of season 8. WITH A LOT OF FREAKOUTS and ANGRY COMMENTS.

I have given up.

I had hopes, I had dreams. I wanted to see Donna and Harvey together, having the best time of their lives and lawyering all of Manhattan.

But NO! We can’t get that! We did get a therapit dating her patient, awkward reconciliations with long lost mothers and impromp-to kisses.

I won’t even touch Louis’ complicated relationship with Sheila and their attampts to get pregnant because I will burst into flames.

And let’s talk about Katrina‘s shallow storyline?! Amanda Schull was promoted to series regular only not to be included in half the episodes of the show.


One thing I’d like to know is what the process of writing these episodes is like. Do they take all the bad idea they come up with and STUFF THEM INTO THE EPISODE?!?

Anyway… let’s talk about the super brief promo.

 OK. OK. OK.

From the trailer is looks like Darvey might actually happen this time.


It never does! NEVER. They bait us. They try to trick us into thinking there might be a concrete possibility of them finally realizing they are romantically interested in each other.

They keep us hooked, posting teasing trailers and stuff like that to force the fans to keep watching and to come back to the show.

And guess what?! It fucking works! Beacause come January 23rd, I’ll be glued to my screen, watching the 8B premiere!

Season 9 hasn’t been confirmed yet so if in the finale they hint at a possibility between Harvey and Donna and the show get cancelled, I’ll be so fucking pissed.

What do you think about the trailer? Do you think that after this Harvey and Donna will FINALLY get together? Will Louis and Sheila ever reach a point where their relationship is healthy? And Katrina!? And Samantha?! Let me know in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Suits 8B Trailer – Reactions, Opinions and Comments

  1. I use to love this show so much, then from season 4 onwards, it all went down for me. I stopped watching somewhere after Mike got out, I need to catch up but I find myself so bored and just waiting for Darvey things that just break our hearts because Aaron Korsh is playing with us.

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    1. I know!!! The first part of season 5 had so much potential! Harvey seeing a therapist could have made the path to Darvey a possibility. Season 7 made me SUPER MAD and so I started reviewing each episode after mid s07.
      Darvey is just… so painful. And AK is just messing with us.
      If you want a rundown and what happens you can check out my reviews! There’s lots of yelling and screaming and ranting about Darvey.
      Thanks for reading and commenting! 😘


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