You’re The Worst – s05 e02 – “The Pin In My Grenade” – REVIEW

You guys… This show is just… I can’t even describe how much I love “You’re The Worst”.

After last week crazy weird episode, I’m back with another review. I wasn’t planning on doing weekly review about this show as well. I’m already pretty busy with Brooklyn99, Riverdale and from next week Suits.

I hope I’ll be able to do it. If not… they’ll be late. It’s not like I have a huge following of people excited to read my reviews.

Without any more rambling… let’s get into the episode!

They always to these amazing shots of Edgar preparing food for Jimmy and I love them! How love how into coocking he is, despite not making it a career for him!

Gretchen is trying to decide which porn sites to unsubscribe from while Edgar and Lindsay try to convince her and Jimmy to let them plan their wedding.

This exchange was everything:

“… we’re thinking something like… August 7th! Think about it! Middle of the summer, clear of every holiday, 9/11 is just around the corner.”

“Isn’t August 7th your birthday?”

“I know it’s Charlize Theron’s… Ah! Weird! It’s mine too!”

Lidnsay and Gretchen


But they don’t care about wedding shit and they decided to elope!

Jimmy has a meeting for the movie adaptation of his erotica novel and he is not happy when he discovers he won’t be writing the screenplay.

At work, Gretchen finds out a bunch of people are getting fired: all because she “took advantage of the political climate” and called out an harrasser, only because she wanted his office and the attached private toilet.

She is literally the worst.

Lindsay gives us some pearls of wisdom that, of course, make no sense:

Marriage is hard. Your wedding day is the one day it’s fun! Seriously, it’s all downhill after the wedding. Not just gravity. Are you gonna go against gravity? I don’t think so, Sandra Bullock, star of the hit-film “Gravity”.


Like… WHY?!?

But she is such a good friend! She even stole a wedding dress from work, only to give it to Gretchen. TRUE FRIENDSHIP HERE!!!

Edgar and Lindsay debating whether or not they are the dumb one or not of the group and it’s…. just… they are both such big idiots!


Gretchen is having doubts about eloping, after her brother sent her the wedding book she wrote as a kid. So she tries her wedding dress and:

“Well, I feel nothing. Nice!”


But she ends up using he fancy japanese toiler in her office to masturbate. Sure. Of course. And she ends up missing her appointment with Jimmy at the court house.

And guess what?!?

Jimmy does as well! Edgar takes him out for a drink and he ends up describing his perfect wedding, talking and talking for hours.

It’s hilarious that they both say they despise things like these and yet.. they want a wedding, they want to get married, they want it to be perfect.

Jimmy and Gretchen try so hard to be grumpy, mean, horrible and unbelievably selfish and THEY ARE. BELIEVE ME. THEY REALLY ARE. But they still thrive for normalacy in the harsh and complicated reality they live in.

Gretchen and Lindsay try to stage an accident, destroying the car and getting Gretchen punched in the face.


Jimmy is terrified her fiancé believes he acutally left her like last time. She shows up and the house with an absurd story and Jimmy is APOLOGIZING!!!

But the story is so idiotic, he quickly figures out she is making all of this up.

“I missed the wedding beause I was banging my new toilet.”



They end up deciding to have an actual wedding ceremony and they even find a date!

June 9th.

Of course they have to insert a sex joke in it.

I can’t wait how much of a mess all of this is going to be.

I have no idea why I love this show so much. These people are so bad and selfish but I’m so attracted to them! They don’t care what others think of them, they have no filter, no boundaries and they don’t give a shit about anything.

Did you like the episode? Are you excited Jimmy and Gretchen are having an acutaly wedding? Would you have preferred they eloped?

Let me know!

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