The Resident – s02 ep10 – “After The Fall” – REVEW

I started the draft for this entry with the title: “The Resident – Season 2 – REVIEW” but by the end of the episode I had decided to review the single episode because


Dr Bell saves Conrad’s dad’s life and, still in their wedding clothes, they find out that Dr. Lane Hunter has been released from jail on bail.

A bail that was set at 5 million dollars! WHAT?! And guess who paid it? Dr Bell!

Conrad meets this patient who underwent chemotherapy with Dr Hunter, she is one of the protesters, she is super mad (and she has the right to), and bla bla bla… She has to decide if she wants to risk surgery or not.

I don’t care.

Let’s talk about our Dr. Pravesh, who is sleeping on a random couch because his former fiancé rightfully kick him out of the house after having left her at the altar.

I loved when Mina said to Devon:

I thought better of you

I love her so much! She is so mean!!! And he deserves it so much! He is so annoying! Devon is “The Archie Andrews” of The Resident. UNBEARABLE.

Nik and Mina are trying to find people that could work in their free clinic and, surprise surprise…. nobody wants to do it and the candidates they have are most definitely NOT a good fit.

But they meet Handsome, Charitable and Idealistic Alec Shaw (played by Miles Gaston Villanueva) and I 100% know he is going to be the cause of some tension between Nik and Conrad.

I hope not. I hope the writers are smarter than that. Because it would make my eyes roll so hard and I would loose faith in the show.

Dr Hunter comes back to the hospital and she is bitchier than ever. And she is blackmailing Dr Bell, who fucking deserves it because he is an asshole. He was the main villain before this and now it seems like the show is trying to make us feel sympathy. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

Still, she is the worst and I hate her. She is the perfect villain.

Conrad has a talk with his dad about his condition and their rekindled relationship. Mina lets Devon stay at her place with super strict rules and I love her for it.

Conrad’s patient survives and everybody is happy… aside from the guy who was with her, whose sister died at the hands of Dr. Hunter.

But what shocked me the most was his face at the end of the scene. He was so pissed despite his friend being promised a great recovery and a full life.

He had a super angry look and I knew, I KNEW, something bad was going to happen.

And it does!

Just as Dr Bell is writing his resignation letter for the Board of Directors and he is literally about to send it, the news breaks.

Dr. Lane Hunter has been found murdered in her apartment.


And we know who the murderer is! The guy who made the face!


How fun IS this show?!?!

Uh! And Julian’s (Jenna Dewan) boss, who last episode had her being run off the road, is trying to blame her disappearance of Pravesh and I love all of this drama!!!

I had fun watching this episode and… I’m here. I’ve watched too many episode now to go back. I want to see what is going on and how things are going to turn up.

Were you shocked by the ending? Were you surprised? Who is your favourite character and who do you hate the most (hint: for me it’s Pravesh).

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