Riverdale’s Positive Aspects – Opinions & Commentary

Over the past six months, since I’ve started watching Riverdale, I’ve been throwing a lot of shit to the show. I mean, it’s ridiculous.

Nobody in the Riverdale fandom thinks the show is good. Nobody thinks it’s well written. Fucking nobody.

But I have to say that there are some things that I enjoy about the show and that I am happy they have included. 


Risultati immagini per betty cooper veronica lodge archie riverdale

I really appreciate the fact that they didn’t include the classic and over used and fucking horrible “love triangle“ trope. 

Right from the start Betty and Veronica do not fight for Archie’s affection and it’s a great message especially since the show has a young demographic of teenage girls. 

Friendship comes first for them and a stupid boy will not come between them.

It’s important to show a strong friendship and I am actually really glad they portrayed Betty and Veronica’s healthy support and love for each other.

The Chuck Clayton Mess

I absolutely adored was the Chuck Clayton storyline in season one.

He was the one who harassed Veronica and he paid for it. The show highlighted the fact that such behaviour is not acceptable and that people have to be held accountable for it.

And he was. 

Whereas “13 Reasons Why” showed us the sad reality: Bryce not even getting convicted for his crimes, Riverdale decided to show us a more hopeful outcome.

Cheryl’s Coming Out

Vanessa Morgan and Madelaine Petsch in Riverdale (2016)

Although Cheryl might be a complicated, deeply flawed character I absolutely adored her coming out storyline in season two. It showed a more compassionate, broken, and sensitive side of her, which sort of explains her horrible behaviour towards her classmates.

I’m not condoning it, obviously.

She was a nightmare, a bully and somebody who caused a lot of pain to the “Riverdale High” population. Her horrible family oppressed her and diminished her in the worst way possible but this does not mean she is absolved from all the terrible things she has done.

That being said, I absolutely adored the vulnerabilities she showed Toni and I think the two of them are a great couple! I wish the writers allowed more Toni to be in screen. If we eliminate Archie from the show, a lot more interesting people would be featured in it and maybe it wouldn’t suck.

Archie is truly the worst. But this is not a blog post about how much I dislike him….


….I’ve already written that one.


Risultati immagini per betty cooper veronica lodge

Riverdale is a ridiculous show but one thing I like about it is how friendships are represented.

Betty and Veronica never fight about the same guy, they are never catty to each other and their only fight was about something real and not stupid. Like Veronica’s involvment in Hiram Daddy’s master plan. (He is not Hiram anymore. He is Daddy. Sorry Lili.)

They also helped Cheryl, despite the fact she bullied them and mistreated them.

These friendships are strong and the moments of frictions have fundations: they don’t crumble to piece at the first sign of trouble (see Betty and Archie’s kiss and the aftermath).

They might fight, disagree on what to do but at the end, they still help each other.

I hope you liked this post!

Let me know what you love about Riverdale and the positive aspects the show portrays!

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13 thoughts on “Riverdale’s Positive Aspects – Opinions & Commentary

  1. Though I stopped watching and have no regrets, there were aspects of the show that I did really like.
    As you said, not having a love triangle was cool (though I do kind of wish we did have one anyway because the Archie/Betty/Veronica love triangle is iconic).
    I also like the music in S1. I don’t know how much music is happening these days but I still listen to the S1 soundtrack because it has some great tunes. Giving Josie And The Pussycats a role wasn’t necessary for the story, but they were a fun addition.
    I also liked, in S1 at least, how the parents’ drama sometimes paralleled the teens’ drama. Of course, they overdid it wildly, but it was interesting at the start and helped make the parents into more than just parent characters.
    Lastly, I did like Jughead as the narrator in S1. They ruined the character eventually but at the start he was a dorky lurker writer guy, and it was a nice modern interpretation of the comic version. He was just the right person to tell the story of Jason’s death.

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    1. I know… the show is so weird and trashy and I thought I was going to hate it.
      Never having read the comics, I don’t really care about the love triangle and had they done it, I think I would have lost interest in the show.

      Weirdly enough, I haven’t paid that much attention to the music. I love Josie!

      The parents’ drama INTENSIFIED A LOT in season 2 and 3. This aspect you are referring to is even more prominent in the 3rd season. They have their own backstories and they are so much more involved in the general storyline, not just as “parents”.

      I miss season 1 Jughead. After all the shit they put him through in season 2 (that didn’t make a lot of sense), it’s refreshing to go back to season 1 and see him as, like you said, the perfect narrator for Jason’s death.
      The first part of season 2 DESTROYED his character. They tore him to pieces. And it makes me so angry. Eventually, in season 3, he goes back to being one half of the iconic teen investigative duo that is Bughead but I miss him. I miss sweet, innocent, broody, loner Jughead from season 1.
      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and your analysis was super insightful. I’m super glad to discuss the show! xxxx


  2. I only found out Riverdale was inspired by Archie comics the other day. I also found out there’s nothing of the comics apart from the place and character names.
    The comics were super light hearted and, well, funny. Archie was the lanky, freckly redhead that, surprisingly, caught posh girl Veronica’s attention. It was mostly centred on the love triangle.
    I’m giving the TV show a pass. I don’t watch a lot of TV and that’s not even close to my top choices. Also, I prefer my memories of the comics that brought me so many laughs in my teens.
    I do love your ranting reviews though. Keep them coming!
    P.S.: Archie’s fake red hair on TV looks utterly ridiculous.

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    1. You’re truly the best! I have never read the comic. I didn’t even know they existed! I saw a few pages of the comics and there was s lot of love triangle. Which is something I’ve DEFINITELY grown out of. I understand that I hate it. Thanks for loving my reviews!
      Archie’s hair is the least ridiculous thing about this character. I dislike him so so much! I wrote a whole “opinion piece” about how much of an idiot he is: “Why Archie Is an Idiot: a rant-y and not at all bias opinion”. I had so much fun writing it.
      Thanks for commenting love!

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      1. It is so funny because Archie in the comics is nothing like you describe from the TV. Archie were the only comics I could get in English when I was a teen. They were a breath of fresh air. I read your ‘why Archie is an Idiot’ an he was nothing like my Archie. I stand by my decision of not watching. My memories are too precious 😉

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  3. I love Riverdale even though it’s kind of dumb sometimes. It makes absolutely no sense at times. Archie is the most annoying because he’s always trying to play the hero and making dumb decisions because of that. I’ve never watched a show that irritated me and made no sense but I still absolutely loved it.

    My favorite part of this show is Bughead. I like the detective duo with them. I think it’s cute and also fun. I am into chaos and mystery stories. I like the story lines that are like “the whole town is falling apart let’s get these two to investigate what is going on.” I wish Jughead had his own blog or something. Or Bughead. I mean, Betty’s parents had a newspaper or whatever. I want them to investigate more. They could just have their own show where they do investigations.

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    1. I agree 100% with what you are saying! It’s so stupid, the storylines are a mess and absolutely ridiculous! Archie is the dumbest character I have seen on Tv (along with the most characters on “Suits”) and even him deciding to go prison to redeem himself made me super angry. Even when he does the right thing he is annoying!

      I looooove Bughead. Aside from the utter DISGRACE that were those episodes from 08 to 12 on season 2, they are truly the best. They have learnt from the mistakes they have made in those episodes and they have a healthy and loving relationship! They are not just together because they are attracted to each other and they “like” each other. They share the same interests and they are a team.
      I love them.
      And Cole and Lili have *obviously* great chemistry together. ❤️

      Thanks for commenting! All these comments have truly made my day! If you have time, I have written quite a lot of Riverdale posts. I’d love for you to check them out! Love, Georgia

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  4. And actually… I also like that they don’t do friend drama. I hate that. Relationship drama should not be every two episodes. They may fight every once and a while and get upset with each other but it never last. And in real life, it shouldn’t last that long either. I love that Betty and Veronica and Archie and Jughead aren’t currently fighting over something. I’m glad they’ve at least kept them as friends. Some shows feed off of relational drama. This show feeds off of mystery and craziness. The only relational drama is between some kids and their parents but not friendships.

    I think this show works because it’s so chaotic. There’s always something new (even though it doesn’t always make sense). This show is so exciting and addicting because you want to see “what the heck are they gonna do next?”

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    1. I didn’t see this comment when I sent my reply!
      I absolutely agree again!
      They are not fighting all the time and when they are, it’s for legit reasons! Like Veronica’s dad trying to take over and “conquer” Riverdale and her involvement in all of that.
      That’s a legit reason to fight.

      I agree they are not messing up the friendship. They even allowed Cheryl to become a Serpent! She and Jughead became sort of friends! And remember what happened between them in season 1?!
      I love that.
      Thank you again for sharing your thoughts! I appreciate them and much and they are so insightful

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  5. I just wish we got those season 1 vibes again. Like you said with the whole clayton thing. It wasnt over the top and unbelieveable. It was real and I enjoyed that.

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