Shock Value Trumps Good Storytelling and It’s Sad – Riverdale Commentary & Opinions

Now even hardcore Riverdale fans dare to say out loud that our beloved show is well-written. Because it’s not. It’s pretty clear it isn’t. Season 2 is a living testament of it.

And I have written a lot about certain aspects of Riverdale that drove me insane, and the multitue of problems related to how sexual encounters and sexuality are portrayed on the show, especially regarding the main characters: Betty, Jughead, Archie and Veronica.

Today I want to concentrate on the side characters


Cheryl is a complicated character. From bully to misunderstood girl and queen of drama.

I want better stories for Cheryl and I want the writers to address that she tried to kill herself. She actually attempted suicide. And then it was never mentioned again. I think they briefly did in the season 3 premiere, but it was not enough!

She tried to kill herself.

Then she was abused and tortured by her mother, who repressed her sexuality and shamed her for being gay. It has not been made clear by the show how she identifies herself. Sexuality is fluid. It’s not like we need labels in real life.

I do think that since Riverdale is a show watched by a younger demographic, it’s important to make things clear and not just hint at stuff.

To sum up, she has been through so much and she managed to stand on her feet, get into a healthy and loving relationship with Toni and this has not been addressed at all.

Her mother and uncle conspired to kill her, okay?


Charles Smith/Jones

Ok this is bothering me a lot. We had this heart breaking scene with Alice telling FP Jones, 25 YEARS LATER, that she had his child, gave it up for adoption and that he had died. All in one single sentence.


They are sex-buddies and everything seems to be fine. They never talked about it. They didn’t even mention it. NOT ONCE. FP has a child. Who died. And it was not addressed. I’m not saying his storyline should only be about this, but PACE YOURSELVES FOR A SECOND!

They made a child together. A CHILD. And it seems like they’ve forgotten about him.


Risultati immagini per riverdale toni topaz

Ok. Let’s talk about Toni. They intriduced her at the beginning of season 2 to basically help Bughead break up. Sure, they disguised her as Jughead’s guide to navigate the different dynamics of the South Side but we did not fall for that pathetic excuse. 

Then the writers were in a pickle: we’ve just introduced this character to create tension between Jughead and Betty… Should we just make her disappear?

I want her to be more than just the love interest! I understand this is a plot driven show, but you can explore the personality of a character and give them other qualities aside from “the love interest of” or “the girl who broke them apart“.

The Blackhood Reveal

Risultati immagini per riverdale the blackhood

This has been driving me crazy since I’ve started watching the show in June.

I HATED how they revealed the identity of the Blackhood.


They could have made it so much bigger and instead there was no payoff.

Do you know why Murder She Wrote is such a brilliant show? Because she puts together the pieces of the puzzle to figure out who the murder is and THEN there is the big reveal!


The fact they let us know Betty suspected her father for 2 fucking episodes killed everything. We knew she was right.

They did it better in season 1 with Clifford Blossom and in season 2 they screwed the fucking pooch.

I was so disappointed. It ruined a great episode.

What were the most shocking Riverdale moments for you? Where you satisfied? Did they leave you disappointed?! Let me know in the comments below!

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