My Favourite Christmas Episodes

I’m just gonna say it: I don’t feel the Christmas Spirit. I haven’t for a couple of years. I don’t care about it as a holiday. I care about the things related to it: eating lots of food, eating special christmas dishes, drinking mulled wine, drinking hot chocolate…

Yes, my Christmas joy is all food related.

That being said, I still enjoy watching TV shows’ Christmas Episodes. And here is a list of all my favourites and the ones I’ll try to watch on Christmas Day.

Downton Abbey & Doctor Who

British people know how to make great Christmas episodes. The feeling they assciated most with Christmas is often despair: both Doctor Who and Downton Abbey have a history of breaking people’s hearts.

The Doctor regenerates, Matthew Crawley dies… It’s a thing.


One of my absolute favourites has to be “The Snowmen“. Set in the Victoria Age, creepy snowmen, a mean nanny and a mysterious girl.

It’s so good. And if you love Charles Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol“, you HAVE to watch Matt Smith’s first special. With the brilliant Michael Gambon, it’s a nice and heartwarming story.


Downton Abbey is a classic. It’s the perfect show to watch mid-afteroon after you’ve had too much to eat.

Happy Christmas Episodes such as the 2014 Christmas Special!! That was so happy! Or the 2011 one!

Sipping a cup of hot tea, a nice douvet covering your legs while watching white british aristocrats’ complicatd lives.
The perfect Christmas.

New Girl

New Girl is such a light-hearted comedy that manages to produce great christmas episodes, with so much non-sense and ridiculous things.

Check them out because they’re so weird, awkward and strange and I love them. 01×09 “The 23rd“, 02×11 “Santa“, 04×11 “LAXmas” (with the magnificent Billy Eichner).


A classic. Not just about Christmas but also about the Jewish Holiday Hanukkah. Ross tries to teach his son Ben (a little super blond and super adorable Cole Sprouse) about this holiday tradition and it’s so fun.


Comedy, cops, Andy Samberg, Christmas, Die Hard…

As the best TV show on television, Brooklyn99 has of course many perfect episodes. From Season 2’s “The Pontiac Bandit Returns”, to “Christmas” to “Captain Latvia”, they are all one of a kind.

But I have an absolute favourite.


Brooklyn99’s take on Jake Peralta’s favourite movie: Die Hard.

It’s so fun! I love the different dynamics between Jake, Charles and Gina; Holt, Rosa and Amy; and of course Terry and The Volture.

I love it so much. It’s a perfect Christmas Episode.

Modern Family

In 10 seasons, Modern Family has had incredible episodes but the one I always come back to is season 3’s “Express Christmas”.

The family tries to celebrate Christmas on December 16th and to organize everything in a couple of hours. It’s a fun episode about family, incidents and weird situations. It’s so fun and happy… I love it.

I hope you enjoyed this list. It’s pretty similar to the one I made last year but these are ACTUALLY my favourite episodes, the ones I rewatch the most and the ones that make me feel the happiest.

Let me know your favourites in the comments below! Are there episodes you watch in the Christmas time? Or favourite Christmas related episodes?

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