The Good Doctor – Season 2 – Mid-Season Review

I was not sure I was going to stick to “The Good Doctor”. But it’s a good medical show.

It’s dramatic and it’s tense but there is not Grey’s Anatomy soap-y level of hookups between doctors.

It’s been a good mid-season, the episodes have been interesting, compelling but it feels like there is somthing missing.

I can’t connect with the characters, I’m having troubles identifying with these people. It feels like there is a wall between us, the audience, and the personalities of the characters.

It’s a good show, I love that its protagonist has autism: it’s important to show that people with these particular disorder can live a good life, can  be successfull and have a great carreer.

Shows like these are important to shed the stigma around conditions such as autism and educate the audience.

One of the things I like about this show is Dr. Glassman and Shawn’s relationship, especially now that he has undergone surgery to fight his cancer.

Leah is back. And I don’t like her. It rarely happens that I don’t like a positive female character but there is something that is so inherently annoying about her.

I just can’t stand her. She pushes and pushes, she throws temper tantrums like a little girl.

I’ve seen people on Twitter talking about the relationship between Melendez and Claire, as if they like each other but…

I don’t see it! Should I?!

I loved she went against him, she stood up for what she believe and didn’t back down even when faced with tremendous backclash. FEMINISM PEOPLE!!! YAY!

As I wrote in my review of the season 2 premiere:

What I like about this show is the diversity. The chief of surgery is an African-American man, one of the best surgeons is a Latinx and almost all the residents are minorities. The only white people on the show are Shawn, Dr. Glassman and Dr. Reznick (Fiona Gubelmann).

This final episode left us all terrified for what is coming in 2019: there is an airborn seemingly lethal virus in the hospital, Dr. Glassman’s cancer is back and we’ve last seen Shawn laying on the floor with his hands on his ears in complete panic.

I mean… the writers know what they are doing. I’ll be definitely coming back to the show in 2019 to see what happens.

To come back to my previous point… I do not know why the show and I aren’t clicking. I haven’t even watched it week after week. I accumulated all 9 episodes and then watched them all in the span on 2 days, while knitting. Yes, I’m a fun person.

Anyway, did you like this first part of the season? What are your thoughts on Melendez and Claire? Because I don’t see it! Will you be watching in 2019?

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