What We Can Expect from Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 6

It’s almost January. (Not really but let’s pretend it is..) It only means one thing…

Brooklyn 99 is coming back!!!

That faithful day in May, when I thought I would never see my favourite characters on my screen, is still impressed in my mind. I had an epic mental breakdown, only to be followed 30 hours later by a joyous cry, thanking all the TV Gods, NBC, Dan Goor and Michael Schur.

Both the cast and the executive producer Dan Goor have already spilled some details about the upcoming 6th season.

Chelsea Peretti won’t be doing a full 6th season

Chelsea Peretti announced on Twitter that she won’t be doing a full 6th season and I was devastated. Gina Linetti is one of my favourite characters, she has the best lines on the show and obviously the best meme-able expressions.

Absolutely gutten about this. I obviously wish her the best and I can’t wait to watch her future projects!

A Honeymoon Episode

First episode of the season: Jake and Amy on their honeymoon and I cannot wait to see Married Peraltiago interact with their immediate surroundings.

A Hitchcock & Scully Episode

I need to know if Kelly was Hitchcock’s wife or dog. I need to know it. But I adore how co-dependent they are, how they do everything together and I want to know more about their background story.

A #MeToo storyline with Amy

It was recently announced that Stephanie Beatriz, who plays Rosa Diaz, was going to direct an episode! (YAY LATINAS DIRECTING AND WOMEN DIRECTING!!!)

And then Dan Goor, show runner and executive producer, said in an interview that they could do a #MeToo episode and it was announced it will be about Amy Santiago! And I’m here for this! They did mention they were thinking of writing one at the San Diego Comic Con panel but it was importanti for them to do it the right way.

And Brooklyn99 has never shied away from controversial and importanto social topics (I even wrote a whole post about it) and I cannot wait to see it!

Recurring Characters Coming Back

Dan Goor wrote on Twitter that there will be recurring characters coming back on this 6th season! Like KEVIN. Mark Evan Jackson is a treasure and I need more Kevin/Holt scenes.

And I really hope Pimento makes a comeback. I recently discovered there are mixing opinions about him but I LOVE HIM! He is so crazy! And nobody plays Deranged Crazy Creepy Human Being like Jason Mantzoukas.

No News on Gina Rodriguez

We don’t know whether or not Gina Rodriguez will come back to Brooklyn 99 after guest starring in the Peraltiago Wedding episode.

I. Love. Gina. Rodriguez.

I love Jane The Virgin and I love her. Stephanie Beatriz reassured us and said that Rosa’s love life will play a important role in the character and I am here for it. There is a need of more open bisexual characters with GOOD STORYLINES and ACTUAL REPRESENTATION. (I’m looking at you, Roberto. And yes I know I can’t compare

New Promo Pics!

Entertainment Weekly recently release a lot of photos about our favourite New York-based squad! And they are amazing.

The human form of the 100 emoji! 


Charles and Gina… So weird…

*read in Doug Judy’s voice* ROSA, ROSA ROOOOSAAAAA!!!

I’m loving that wig!

The 3 Trailers

Version 1

Version 2

And you an check out version 3 on Instagram!

Here we are!

A lot more news have come out, even reviews of the first two episodes but why would you read them? WHY? WHY?!

The images already gave us spoilers!

Anyway, let me know if how excited you are about Brooklyn99’s 6th season!


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