The Resident – Mid-Season 2 Review – Winter Hiatus

It has started. The time I dread more. HIATUSES.

I hate them. I spend months without any new episodes, I’m left with a cliffhanger and I hate waiting.

At the beginning of the Premiere Season, I talked about the first episode of this season and about the fact that I wasn’t sure I was going to keep watching.

I’m tired of medical shows.

Grey’s Anatomy took a toll on me and now I don’t trust anybody. I’m still mostly watching out of loyalty towards Emily Van Camp. And even if I hate to admit it, Logan Huntzberger Matt Czuchry is growing on me. I have nothing against the guy, believe me. I just HATED Gilmore Girl’s Logan with all my heart. And I still do. 

Enough rambling, let’s get into the recap!

I liked it. Was it the best thing I’ve seen on TV this year? No. But it was enjoyable. What I enjoyed about last year’s 14 episode run, was the season-long mystery. Where they going to find out about Dr. Hunter? Was Lily going to survive? Would Dr. Bell improprieties ever be discovered?

This season, however, this mystery has taken a step back and the show is focusing more on standalone episodes with some small interference of the previous storyline.

We have actress Jenna Dewan who has joined the cast as a… I don’t get what her title is, but apparently she is a representative of a company which provides medical appliances and innovative tools to the hospital. Anyway, she brings trouble for Dr. Pravesh, who cheats on his fiancé with her.

Nic and Logan Condrad… whose name is super ironic because on Emily Van Camp’s last show “Revenge“, her father-in-law was names Conrad and he was EVIL!

Let’s not diverse any further, Nic and Conrad are going strong, at least it seems like, we get a flashback of the beginning of their relationship and what it was that drove them apart (spoiler alert: a miscarriage) and we get to see more insights into their relationship.

Mina has embarked on a relationship with one of the patient and SURPRISE SURPRISE… Dr. Austin likes her.

It was pretty obvious, people.

Dr Bell is still a dick who now runs the hospital and is pushing his own personal agenda.

Now unto the Winter Finale… Dr. Pravesh’s fiancé accepted a year-long job in San Francisco and Jenna Dewan’s character Julian Lynch just quit her job following the discovery that her company is not that transparent. They claim all their products are manifactured in the US, and guess what? They’re not. They’re made in China and they switch the labels.

And Julian blows the whistle!

And she gets caught. Because she used the company phone to call the FDA.


But wait! Conrad’s dad gets sick! He has to be admitted into the hospital and then has to undergo surgery. Conrad has daddy issues and does not want to be the medical proxy of a father he barely knows.

And he tells Conrad his mother fell in love with their neighbour and their separated.

But they talk it out and have a genuine moment together, in which they show love for each other. It was nice.

And there are issues with Dr. Bell and Dr. Hunter’s bail and more stuff like that. I don’t care. I just want to see him pay for his crimes.

THEN, Devin’s mother tells him about her own affair. She had an arranged marriage to his father and she struggled with it. So she tells him to follow his heart. Is that realistic?

Then he breaks up with her, like half an hour before the wedding.

“I can’t marry you. Not when I have feelings with somebody else. You deserve someone that deserves you and only you.”


“I have real feelings for this person.”

But my girl Priya is not here for this idiot’s “little speech”. You go girl. I support you. To be fair, Devin was honest. It would have been a million times sadder had he gone through with the wedding. He would have mistreated her, and humiliated her even more.

Don’t go away, the surprised are not over yet. Conrad’s dad is rushed to emergency surgery and who gets called to perform it? None other than Dr. Bell. GREAT.

Oh, Julian gets into a car crash.

And this is how the episode ends!!!

I hate to say it because it’s exactly what they want but… DAMN, after this cliffhanger I’m definitely going to keep watching.

Overall, it’s been a good first half of the season. So much tension, drama, conflict, mystery…

What do you think about it? What do you think of Devin’s “revelation”? And what about Nic and Conrad’s relationship? Will Doctor Bell be outed?

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