Alone Together Season 2 Review

Season 2 of “Alone Together” came out so soon after its first one! And it was just as weird.

Benji and Esther are as co-dependent and awkward as usual. They desperately want to be cool and “in” on all the good stuff, but they so can’t.

They are so inconsiderate of other people’s feeling… just as much as others are. There is the shallowness of Los Angeles, the weird trends, the beauty-obsessed culture.

The entire season came out on Hulu, but I decided to watch it as it aired on Freeform, two episodes at a time.

Last May I wrote about season 1 and I feel like some of the issues are still present. I said:

I really liked some episodes but I think they haven’t found their voice yet. There are good episodes and I can related to them. But… There is something stiff about it.

And the stiffness is still here. I don’t know if I truly get why it is funny.

Maybe it is to those immersed in the LA lifestyle and that witness firsthand behaviours the show is making fun of.

It’s not a bad show. I just don’t get it. I do like the relationship between Esther and Benji: they are there for each other, they have a sort of supportive relationship filled with insults and snarky comments.

They don’t take each other seriously and they sort of support each other even when one of them is going on a tangent about something completely stupid and ridiculous.

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p.s. I wrote this 3 months ago and straight up forgot to publish it!


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