The Neighborhood & Happy Together – PILOTS – SERIES PREMIERES

I do not have any sort of expectations for these two shows.

I saw the trailers and I asked myself, for the billionth time… Why would anyone make this? That being said, I need some bad television this week and this seemed like a great way to waste 40 minutes of my life.

To be fair, if CBS is making shows like these, there must be an audience that demands them and my question is


Anyway, let’s start watching!

The Neighborhood

Right off the bait, writes: “The new CBS sitcom about a white Midwestern family who moves to a predominantly black neighborhood in Los Angeles is ostensibly about gentrification.”

Everything looks extremely fake. The sets, the lights, the colours… And the acting is weird as hell. And there is something off with the editing. It’s not fluid like when a show is filmed in front of a live studio audience but it does not have the feel of a single camera sit com.

It feels like the dialogue is pieced together so that every line can read like at a table read, with some sort of expression and tone but not really acting.

And  the laughing tracks after every single sentence drove me insane.

There is no cohesion between every “joke” (if they can be called like that) and the delivery is wayyyyy off.

Why would CBS watch this and think: “Oh yeah! Let’s put it on the air!”

Starring Max Greenfield, Beth Behrs, Cedric the Entertainer, Sheaun McKinney, Marcel Spears, and Tichina Arnold, I won’t expect this show to go on for more than a couple of episodes.

And if it does… WHY?!?

They are trying to tackle social issues like racism and royally failing. Like bombing SO BAD. It’s a show about stereotypes regarding both communities and they are trying to make it clever by having the white people move into a black neighborhood.

Aren’t we past that? Why are we still talking about these stereotypes?

In an hour I will have completely forgotten this entire episode.

Happy Together

Another New Girl former cast member in the main cast! This time Damon Wayans Jr.!

He and Amber Stevens West play a boring married couple, Jake and Claire whose life gets interrupted by mega pop star Cooper James (who looks like Harry Styles with an Australian accent) who comes to live with them.

There are so so so many recurring jokes about them being an middle-age (they’re in their thirties) and lame (they record people’s answering machine messages) married couple.

West and Wayans have great chemistry together and I wished they had benefitted more from it. Coach He is amazing at physical comedy and the show even made me laugh a little bit.



Harry Styles is an executive producer on this show?


This is all happening on real-time, people: I SAID IT! I WROTE IT! WHAT IS HAPPENING?!

According to “The Hollywood Reporter“: “pop star Cooper James (Felix Mallard), who definitely isn’t based on Harry Styles even though Harry Styles is an executive producer on the show and it’s loosely based on the period Styles crashed with executive producer Ben Winston.”

Also, special appearance by CBS’s Late Late Show’s own James Corden!

I had very little expectations about this show but it’s kinda fun! It’s not that original and the jokes are okay at best (I really liked that whole “Alexa” bit), but West and Wayans bring a happy and fun environment to it.

It was 20 minutes of ridiculousness but I have to say, I’m curious to see what is going to happen next. I might just give it a go for a couple more episodes and see where all of this is going.

Did you see any of these two pilots? What are your thoughts? Will you keep watching? 

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